What are you reading?


I’m about to start on The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

The only other thing of Neil Gaiman that I’ve read and watched is Stardust.


Ive started the Deverry Cycle by Katharine Kerr - on the 4th book of the first cycle. Need to try and source her other books - they are difficult to source some times - hopefully I can get them all in paperback otherwise I will settle for ebooks


Do Audiobooks count? Because I’ve been getting more into audiobooks as of late.


I’m currently reading:

Wheel of Time: The Path of Daggers as a physical book.

Buying Time by Joe Haldeman as an audiobook. It was part of a Humble Bundle a while back. i’ve slowly been going through all the books that were part of that bundle. I only listen to this while driving to work.

A Dance with Dragons by George RR Martin as an audiobook during other times.


Yeah tell us about them.


I’ve read the series twice, it is amazing! Enjoy, it’s a long journey.

My wife bought me the new trilogy by Robin Hobb; she’s one of my favourite authors. Just need to start reading.


I still need to read the latest books and this still after I convinced @Saint_Dee to keep at the series when he lost interest.

I’ve reread books 1 - 10 about 4 times. :sweat_smile:


So I recently finished the Harry Potter series as read by Stephen Fry, which was absolutely awesome. I then finished Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy on audiobook as well. In fact, I finished that last week. This week I want to start my 30 day trial with Audible and the first book I want to listen to is Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss.


I gave up by book 6 every time I tried those.

Im craving some Raymond E.Feist tho.

Also need to get the new Robin Hobb - thanks for reminding me


I also lost interest and stopped reading book 6 at some point in time. I then I had to reread it to continue. As in I reread from book 1. From book 6 I find this series exceptionally boring. I really hope it gets better. Even struggling now with book 8 which I’m almost finished with.


I have bad news for you Soli, Books 9 & 10, and about half of 11 are very boring. I tend to speed through them. However, please perservere. Books 12,13,14 are absolutely fantastic! I really am glad Sanderson came in to finish them, his writing style really suits these books.

Otherwise, if they become too much for you, find a TL:DR for Books 9, 10, 11 and then read from Book 12. You won’t be sorry.


Oh noes! I will persevere. Was given the books as gifts long ago. Don’t own all of them but most of them. Not sure how many I’m missing.


Well there is the main Saga (books 1-14), then there is also a prequel book (New Spring) which is about Moraine when she was still a bit younger, also a nice read.

You’re welcome to discuss the books with me any time :slight_smile:


Cool :smiley:

I also got the Wheel of Time comics as part of a Humble Bundle ages ago. Must go through those too.


What’s this now? O.o
Seems like some googling is in order.


i said over a month ago that i was going to start reading it but havent made any effort yet :tired_face:


I have to be honest, I loved his books, but lately they all seem the same


I’ve recently read Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End. I thoroughly enjoyed them both but for me Pillar’s had the better characters.


I havent read anything in a looong time and i got this for free so, i need to get back into analogue reading lol.

the leddy is also reading this book

and apparently its super good according to her


I made a Trello board for books too!

I’m currently reading:
Wheel of Time: Winter’s Heart - Robert Jordan
The World’s Most Dangerous Geek: And More True Hacking Stories - David Kushner
A Song of Ice and Fire: A Dance with Dragons - George R. R. Martin