What are you reading?


Ohhh, Sanderson… I have become a huge fan. I think I started with the first Mistborn trilogy, then read Elantris, and that really got me hooked. I’ve now worked my way though all the Mistborn books, the Cosmere short stories, the Stormlight Archive, Warbreaker… I love his books to bits.

I finally caved in to using eBooks since we’ve run out of shelf space at home, and since then my reading has properly taken off! Since getting a Kindle account I’ve dug up some long time favourites of mine, including Jurassic Park and The Lost World. I’m currently working through the Vorkosigan saga by Lois McMaster Bujold; she writes some of the best sci-fi I’ve ever read.


I have this shit ability not to be able to pick new books. so what do I do, I just reread all the books I have read before. At the moment its Robin Hobbs Farseer trilogy and Harry Potter for the 20th time.


I’m like that too actually. I’ve re-read Harry Potter 29 times.


yeah, I have 3 I juggle, Farseer trilogy, Harry Potter and the Belgariad form David Eddings. Those 3 series is the best I have ever read, so why fuck with something inferior?


It seems you like serious books. If I may make a suggestion, maybe give Terry Pratchett a try, just for variety. I’ve gotten several people hooked on Discworld over the years.


I read them all when I was younger. I tried to go back again recently but I found it all so very confusing. I also tried Dune, couldn’t get into that either. Tried game of thrones, found that boring and I tried wheel of time. Also very boring. So now I just don’t try anymore.


I do the same to be honest. I keep falling back on The magician series from Raymond E. Feist. I absolutely love the series. Then there is two series from Trudi Canavan THE BLACK MAGICIAN TRILOGY and THE TRAITOR SPY TRILOGY - they follow on each other tho, so read the black magician first then the traitor spy. Weirdly her other series I cant read.

I also have the Deverry Cycle from Katharine Kerr that I rediscovered recently. 14 books in total - so I am on book 5 now


It’s my dream to find a new series like that.


I will one day own them all, I read them when I need something lighter. I love the Discworld and charachters he created.


But it also pisses me off that I developed this weird fucking thing now all of a sudden as I got older. I used to read anything and everything.


Discworld does cater to a very specific type of humour, but man, it’s just so well written… There is no other series that has had me laughing as hard. The cool thing though is that beneath all that humour is hidden some razor-sharp social / political / pick your topic commentary. It’s utterly brilliant.


Well if you like the farseer books, then try the Raymond E Feist Magician series - http://www.crydee.com/raymond-feist/reading-order/chronological There is a lot of filler books but its a good read - one I think is better than the Farseer books and I loved those.

The black magician series will give you 6 books to read. Also very good

The Deverry cylce can be confusing, because it works on the fates of 3 main characters over hundeered of years - due to reincarnations and how they need to fix what they did wrong in the past. http://deverry.com/?page_id=22


Thank you. I will get them and see how it goes. My poor kindle has been neglected for a few days, so should be good to try something new.


Trust me Raymond E Feist has a way with words and the worlds he creates is amazing and spectacular and ruins and darkness and its the one fantasy world I want to live in for ever.


So will I be safe to read in the order of that list you gave me?


Or would you suggest publishing order?


I would go for the order I gave you - I did it both ways already and the chronological makes more sense since they just fill in gaps beautifully - basically, the fillers give you more details about main characters. He brings them all to life this way.


Awesome. Bought the first two, so will let you know how it goes.


I shall glitterbomb you to hell if you dont enjoy it! :stuck_out_tongue:

also just as something random and interesting they even released a game based on it.


You should honestly try Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson as well. It doesn’t have that slow pace of The Wheel of Time (which, if you give it enough time, is simply amazing).

Sanderson’s writing style is fantastic