What are you reading?


Agreed. Have you read his other stuff yet?


That is another series I am keeping an eye out for - my second hand bookshop has my list so they will call if we get any of the series in.


No I haven’t. Although I’ve heard that I should


I’ve been sloooowly reading Under the Dome - Stephen King.

usually i read my books at night but for the last 6 month or so I’ve been putting series on as i fall asleep, which has ruined my reading so its going snailpace. but my gf bought me almost the entire darktower series and other books for christmas and b-day so I’m gonna have to light a fire under my ass and get going :smiley:


Yep, you really should. I started off with Mistborn as well, then moved on to Elantris and The Stormlight Archive. I assumed I was reading completely standalone books until I discovered the fan community over at 17thshard.com, and learned that all his books are connected. I’ve now read everything except his young adult novels, and it’s so much fun spotting the connections between books now that I know to look for them.


While I’ve been on holiday I got stuck into Brandon Sanderson’s second Mistborn trilogy, starting with The Alloy of Law
It’s compulsive reading as ever from Sanderson, and I’ve enjoyed the new direction he’s taken with it, less fantasy epic, more wild-west, victorian, detective novel (still with the awesome magic!).


I really need to give Brandon Sanderson a read one day. I know @Saint_Dee and @Insanityzanz both love all his books.


You can add me to that list.

I recently got stuck into the Vorkosigan series by Lois McMaster Bujold. Excellent stuff.


I tried, it was heavy going and boring for me. So I am rereading the Raymond E Feist books


I see the church of Sanderson grows even more :grin:. I’m actually doing my first reread of the original Mistborn Trilogy after 3 years since I first read it. What a series!

If y’all like superheroes, you could check out his take on the superhero genre with his Reckoners series (Book 1 is Steelheart).

Also, folks should step up and read his Stormlight Archive books already.


Done and done. Problem is he can’t write them fast enough. :smile: D
Right now I’m looking forward to the fourth Wax and Wayne book.


I’ve recently returned to The Shining. Love reading that book!


That’s next on my list!

Also I can thank you for your recommendation of Patrick Rothfuss a few years ago. I just wish he’d hurry up with the final book of the trilogy


Totally off topic



I’m kinda sad I recommended that series to anyone, if I’m honest. Still unfinished :cry:.

Folks should check out The Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks.

@Wyvern Dragon ladeeeeeeeee!


I’ve struggled to get into a new book series since doing a full read through of Wheel of Time series


I’ve been busy with Wheel of Time since forever! It’s so ridiculously boring but I promised myself I’ll finish it.


It was still well worth the read and I’m sure the final book will be great. At least Rothfuss hasn’t got into producing TV series and forgotten about writing books… cough cough George R.R. Martin


Yeah books 6 to 9 were a bit of a struggle to get through


I picked up Last Exit to Brooklyn at a secondhand bookshop for R5! It’s a very hard read, but Hubert Selby Jr is my favourite author and I’ve been looking for a copy of this one for a long time. His books are definitely not for everybody, especially not the faint of heart. They might even be for nobody come to think of it. Still, I recommend at least trying him, by far one of the best American novelists ever to live.