What are your weekend plans

Let us look in envy at your amazing weekend plans

I am planning on resting as much as I can, and finally doing some gardening. I absolutely do not have a green thumb, but there are some flower beds that need some attention, and perhaps a few changes to be made.

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Tonight its games and bong at home. Tomorrow morning its a mission through to Stellenbosch to go see a buddies production at Die Woordfees, then back late afternoon for braai with the parentals that came for a visit. Sunday is repeating Friday.

We have a wedding on Saturday, luckily in Witbank so no long trip involved.
Apart from that hoping to have a quiet weekend at home.

We are doing as little as possible tonight - I dont even think I will pack my pc in to go to Nima.

Sat is dad’s birthday party so not in the mood for that but at least good food.

same thing i do most weekends beer and games, my SO works all but one weekend a month and its a whole day not half day vibe so i’m left to my own devices

That sounds great

Gaming, and learning how to iron clothes well. Anyone up for some multiplayer this weekend?

It’s a bit late but I spent my Saturday watching rugby and sports betting. Then today (Sunday) we went to go visit my parents and went up the cable cars at Harties.

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Nice. Got up yesterday morning and decided we’re driving to Harties - wife needed to buy paintings and stuff for her new business. That small town is crazy busy! Visited some gallery in Kosmos…Chris something, can’t remember now. He also has a gallery in Brooklyn Mall (I’ll remember the name when I hit enter…). And then obviously Jasmyn. Can’t go to Harties without stopping at Jasmyn. I’ve never gone up the cable cars though. Worth it?

Went to Pretoria today, the wife is part of a violin-piano-vocal trio (violinist). They get together once a month for practice.
So my off weekend was terribly tiring.

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Today I will be working on my personal projects. With work having been so busy this year my own projects have been neglected.

Tomorrow is Dishonored 2 day! Yay!

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What personal projects do you have?

For me it’s cut the grass today, then lots of editing, then a shoot tomorrow.

Lots hehe. Today it’s mostly Hosting Web.

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What will you be editing and then shooting?

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Editing 2 photoshoots and some freelance photos, some graphics and some basic videos. Then got a big engagement shoot tomorrow. Booked a building for the shoot. Gonna be interesting :grinning:

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Started mounting my screens late last night and finished 10 min ago

the main monitor has no vesa so I had to use a bracket kit, it works but [email protected]# me it too forever to get it right.


Had my Brother and Sister in law over for lunch. Haven’t seen them in a while. Tomorrow big lunch with all the in-laws.
The rest of today I’m just going to chill, play some GemCraft. I’m busy with a project on Blender, just trying something out, but so far no luck, so think I’m calling it.


Fitted my new rims and tires on saturday, couldnt do it last week as my back window was thrown out and i had to source a complete new tailgate (as all the glass places were closed on that long weekend)

What are you guys up to this long weekend?

I’m going to game a lot! Otherwise no plans. :grinning:


Biannual boys weekend.
Just going for one night as I have kids.
Lots of shooting - mainly shotgun and pistol then the guns get locked away completely and we drink beer and brandy.
Our campsite now has a toilet and a tap. Big upgrade from last year where it had nothing