What are your weekend plans



So far spent last night catch up on some TV shows, going to do food shop today, hold thumbs I can find some nice veggies, I’m in the mood to make a proper meat veg and potato meal this weekend, considering making a roast beef with roasted veg and potatoes. Then still need to set up pc so I can game a bit, at least I have a desk light now so I can see my keyboard lol. I also have 5 books I’m dying to finish halfway with the first


I’m currently at work. Taking my wife out tonight, some fancy restaurant (her pick, so not sure). Still deciding on movie or not. Is Black Panther a must before Infinite War? Tomorrow work again. Sunday chill.



Did some studying already this morning. Want to finish Integration by tomorrow.


Lanning with the guys tomorrow and at some stage fitting an amp and sub along with the wiring into my car.


don’t know if its a must but its was a good movie


Tomorrow I plan to watch rugby just about the whole day. Sunday is Forza Horizon 3 day. I look forward to starting it.

So for the first time in a while I’m having a nice quiet weekend!


So far as little as possible, next weekend is my busy weekend baking dog biscuits again.

Planning to catch up on Marvels Cloak and Dagger. And play some guild wars


Good rez, @Solitude!

I’m working this weekend, but plan to play a little Transistor and Warframe, and follow TennoLive on Sunday (it starts at midnight (July 7, 2018 6:00 PM (America: Toronto)), so we’ll see…)


Will spend Saturday studying, as the diploma is next week already :scream:
Not sure about Sunday, don’t have the stamina anymore to study for 2 days straight :older_man:t3:


Looking like a jam-packed couch-coach sporting weekend for me. Super Rugby, World Cup, Tour de France, British Grand Prix, maybe even a little tennis from Wimbledon too especially if Kevin Anderson gets through his Round of 32 match today.

On the gaming front, if there’s still time in between, I want to try spend some time with the Star Citizen alpha release, use a little more of the XBox Game Pass free month I got, and improve my Forza Challenge time.


I am currently on holiday at the coast so my weekend will be spent at the beach, probably reading while the kids play in the sand and frolic in the waves.


We’re going for a little break-away in Parys for tomorrow and Sunday. Never been there, so should be interesting


Thought I’d resurrect this thread with my plans for the weekend.

My friend had booked to go with his dad and brother to an advanced driving course at Gerotek this Saturday, they both had to pull out so another friend and I will be going along to drive this beauty:

The Jaguar XF S


Your images aren’t loading. :robot:


Ah, they were there. Will fix it


Jaguar XF?

My plan is to play hide and seek with the kids. I’ll take a 6 pack of beer to the garage and wait for them to find me.
Zoe will take a while before she learns how to open a garage door and Mia cant walk so should get a day to myself.
in all seriousness it sounds horrific, but I am so tired from the kids I currently would rather be at work than on weekend


lol.when i click the image that isnt loading i get - Access Denied

You don’t have permission to access "http://www.jaguar.co.za/Images/adaptive_dynamics_tilt_X260_18MY_013_GLHD_GCBW-desktop-910x600_tcm160-298687-v3_desktop_910x600.jpg?" on this server.


The wife is flying to Durban tomorrow for the Pendoring awards and then maybe she will go to her parents for the weekend after that. If everything works out correctly I will be home alone with Red Dead Redemption 2 from Thursday evening to Monday. Let us all pray together for this to happen…


I just want to watch the All Blacks game Saturday morning and then the Springbok game in the evening.

I want to do some weeding in the garden but it looks like it’s going to be a rainy weekend. So, it’s the ideal time to play some The Evil Within 2.

Otherwise I don’t really have plans.


Destiny 2, with friends and for game club