What are your weekend plans



Studying. I will be studying. Will be writing at 8:30 on Monday Morning.


Same, I will be trying to study, the brain is not playing along.


Images fixed.


I’m working again tomorrow, and again Sunday night. We realised last night that we last had a free weekend together 15-16 September! Every weekend since then has been work or conferences for either me or my wife. I sometimes wonder if it’s all worth it…


My wife and I work weekends as well. This weekend is the second one we are off together since mid august.
Its actually nuts.

So I guess that means we will prob have a fight about something lame, like the proper way to open a fridge door, and then ruin the whole weekend and makeup sunday night before going to bed.

Life is lol :smiley:


I was supposed to work tonight and tomorrow night, but one of my colleagues had an issue, so I’m off, but working the last weekend of the month.
Did a long run this morning, doing a long cycle tomorrow.
After dropping off my car for a service, I’m going to donate blood - first time in about 6-7 months. My blood should be very healthy after the run this morning :laughing:


I am working till 3,then just relaxing and maybe gaming if we have power


This morning I got up early to start my rugby betting but the rugby stream wouldn’t work. Eventually it did but too late to really do anything. Then I took my car for a wash and when I came back our internet was down. Then the power went out for 4 hours.

Stupid Africa.

Now everything’s on and working so everything’s charging in preparation for tomorrow’s power outage.


Today i went to a family friends for a christening, her dad is a butcher so we ate flippen lekker meat.
Tomorrow morning is F1 then golf at the course next door then my 4th braai for the weekend .


A weeeekend like this one needs this thread :grin:
We’re doing something we haven’t done in a very long time this weekend… We’re meeting with friends for some boardgames! Will see how that goes with 2 toddlers running around tough…
Other plans are swimming on Saturday morning, and work Sunday and Monday night.


Sleep, my bed isn’t going to know what hit it.


try and not to be on the road, people drive like demons after all those hot cross buns on easter weekend


Weekend away with Mrs and Miss Redd. Off to Livingstone & Victoria Falls, with a day trip to the Chobe Reserve on Saturday. Will send y’all a digital postcard if I get working wifi :slight_smile:

Blessed Easter to all those who observe it - may your chocolate haul be bountiful. Chag Sameach to any who are celebrating Pesach this weekend - enjoy your matzo ball soup!

And if you’re going to be on the roads, please take care and stay safe. Catch you all on Monday.