What are your weekend plans



Studying. I will be studying. Will be writing at 8:30 on Monday Morning.


Same, I will be trying to study, the brain is not playing along.


Images fixed.


I’m working again tomorrow, and again Sunday night. We realised last night that we last had a free weekend together 15-16 September! Every weekend since then has been work or conferences for either me or my wife. I sometimes wonder if it’s all worth it…


My wife and I work weekends as well. This weekend is the second one we are off together since mid august.
Its actually nuts.

So I guess that means we will prob have a fight about something lame, like the proper way to open a fridge door, and then ruin the whole weekend and makeup sunday night before going to bed.

Life is lol :smiley:


I was supposed to work tonight and tomorrow night, but one of my colleagues had an issue, so I’m off, but working the last weekend of the month.
Did a long run this morning, doing a long cycle tomorrow.
After dropping off my car for a service, I’m going to donate blood - first time in about 6-7 months. My blood should be very healthy after the run this morning :laughing:


I am working till 3,then just relaxing and maybe gaming if we have power


This morning I got up early to start my rugby betting but the rugby stream wouldn’t work. Eventually it did but too late to really do anything. Then I took my car for a wash and when I came back our internet was down. Then the power went out for 4 hours.

Stupid Africa.

Now everything’s on and working so everything’s charging in preparation for tomorrow’s power outage.


Today i went to a family friends for a christening, her dad is a butcher so we ate flippen lekker meat.
Tomorrow morning is F1 then golf at the course next door then my 4th braai for the weekend .