What did you have for dinner


Looks great bud, I pan seal on friggen high heat, leave to rest and then cook it to doneness in a cooler pan with butter and herbs.

Or I go other way round. number 4 of 6 on our stove, melted butter and herbs then pop it as close to the griller in the oven as possible.


We just got a gas stove so I am not fully used to the way that shit works yet. But yeah normally, hot pan, fat side for 3-4 minutes to render that out. then 3 minutes each side and then i will baste with butter and thyme for a minute on each side. then rest for 5.

The problem is me and the wife likes our steak very different. she likes it in the medium range and i want mine to still be trying to jump off the plate when i want to cut it. But now i obviously just cook it the way she likes it. But i think last nights came out good.


Thank goodness it was in a bowl, and not layered like a trifle in a mason jar! You never go full hipster!


Yep - I don’t know how I’d eat a salad in a jar though… I don’t like eating the food in layers. I mix it all up to get a consistent mix of textures and tastes with every bite. Just now you’re not enjoying a specific layer and you’re forced to shovel it down your throat just to get the the next, hopefully better tasting, layer.


We had peking duck for dinner, with dad out of the house, we are getting to eat all the favourite foods that he hates. Tonight is burger night, then tomorrow for my birthday we are having wontons and dumplings, all the wontons and dumplings, I am going to the chinese market to stock up.


subtlety slipping that in there hey…


Hahahaha nope not intended that way. It’s just this will be the first year I get to eat my favourite food for my bday since we are not catering to the whole faniky


Sure Wyv… Sure…


Hehe kyk ek weet ek is fol stront, maar elke jaar eet ons jongste broer se fav vir almal se bday want hy is erger as ek. So more gaan ek bos gaan en al die dumplings kry


Had mexican stuffed sweet potato last night and naked burgers and sweet potato chips tonight