What does your gaming space look like?


So we all play games on various platforms, but where in the house are you set up, what does the spot look like?

Mine is in my bedroom, and I try to keep my desk uncluttered. But I keep toiletries on there next to the pc :smile:
My little corner looks like this (I am gonna paint the room again soon just need to pick new colours)


I’ll see if I can take a photo tonight or tomorrow morning. :slight_smile:




ps. I also keep of box of tissues on my PC desk just for incase :wink:


I dont have any other place to put it :frowning:
And I know what you lot use tissues for. . . . Mine is for sinuses


I will take you a big picture and you can try and tell me where to put it - remember i use that desk for studying as well


Move all those meds over. And place it there, Or even behind your screen. Dust is a PC killer.

Suurrreee… if that is that you want to call it


I clean my box out once a month dude - very carefully!

I have had the meds on different spots - it always ends up there again.

There is no way I move the keyboard forward - I cant use my keyboard if its to close to the edge of the desk. I do the same at work - also monitor needs to be at that distance or else more games trigger motionsickness


Maybe move your kb and screen a bit closer to you. PC gan then fit sideways behind the screen and wall


Eeeeppp all them dusts!!!


My case is also on the floor. I literally don’t have space for it on my desk, you’ll see when/if I post pics. My 2 monitors take up all the space on my desk.


What is that strange grey thing at the top right hand of your pc? O_o



Even if I have to suspend my PC from the roof, it will never sleep and live on the floor. What cruel world is this?


on the monitor? My headset


inside your pc box


Fans/cooling old school


A strange device dating back before time and history :stuck_out_tongue:


hehehe! I am talking about the CD drive :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont have your budgets to do anything fancy - my box currently has only most of the back usb plugs working, the DVD drive is there because I cant take it out - then there is a hole in my box.


Nah I am just kidding! My current PC now is a Frankenstein PC