What does your gaming space look like?


I now feel like putting my tower on floor and posting a pic just to troll Flex


The entertainment side of my desk


Haha there are 4 PC’s on the floor of one room in our place. Only 3 are connected though.


Modestly cramped filled with the legacy of a family man. It is home :wink:


I’ll post a pic when i get home…but 2nd pc is sadly KIA, so only the monitor is there…


I clean my box out once a month dude - very carefully!

Out of context thread!!!


Ok Im gonna stop posting now :frowning:



What’s the deal with the monitor stand? It looks like one side uses clips, and the other side not (assuming vesa mounted)…


Rofl and the plastic maantjie for his feet =D


Looking like right side monitor as main is the popular trend here


When I do use 2 screens my main is on the left usually. But I tend to stick with one screen


the BX2450 doesn’t have visa mounts so I had to get a kit to mount it, its pain in the ass to get it mounted but I manged


I also prefer left. So i’m quite curious to see some more battlestations to gather more data


Here’s my space:
It has been, and will probably always be, quite a mess.
I miss my second monitor - sold it when I bought my RX580. It only has 1 hdmi port. It was on the right



We need to have a serious talk. I think I will be hosting a seminar soon and all of you MUST attend.



PC Setup

Console(s) Setup


Wow. That looks like a gamer’s paradise! The cable management must be hell though…


i’ve given up on cable management, if i play 3 hours a week in total then its alot


Yes Flex, I’m another of those case on the floor losers.