What does your gaming space look like?


my current setup


Not staying in our own place so the setup is currently temporary.


This is my space currently.


Loving the retro mousepad!


No dark mode?? My eyes!



Unusual dual monitor setup there. Does that give you Picture-in-Picture capabilities? :grinning:


And there I was wondering about left or right. Maybe I should’ve asked front or back?


A bit difficult to get a nice pic, my back is to the wall and then my desk faces the living room. There is another desk to my right, also with 2 screens and stuff, which is my wife’s PC but I didn’t take a pic because it is too busy/messy.


This is mine, and yes flex, my case is also on the floor…


HULK!! looks great



I don’t use dark mode anywhere.


your setup and space wins. Love it.


Floors are bad, as stated, but I’m not too strict against it if you clean the dust out on a regular basis. That being said, carpeted floors are death!

I have personally witnessed two PSUs literally spew smoke in my life, both were from PCs in carpeted offices, one on the floor directly, the other on a desk. I always got zapped from static electricity in there.


Hahaha the screen at the back is a TV I used to use for my Xbox, but unused atm.

But I can’t got into the thread anymore. People just killing their PCs!!!
Bunch of savages!


While my pc is on the desk (behind the monitor) i am now scared to send a photo as my space is rather cluttered (especially on top of the pc) and you guys have all neatened up around your desks (despite claiming “oh look its sooo messy”, just like those frikking A students who’ll go “i failed my test” and then get 90%"…oh how i hate you lot that are like that, i truly do!)

So I will put off my gaming space photo for now, since I will clearly be labellled a hoarder or something.


My pc also stands on the ground but it has to as it ways a ton and besides i don’t have space on my desk for it anyway. I might put up picture if i remember.


Haha my work areas are always tidy. My mom bliksemed that into me from a young age


My parents tried…I still dont even make my bed… i honestly dont see the point. less than 18 hours from making it im gonna get back into it anyways, why waste time tucking it into itself… its muuuuuuch nicer sliding into already curvy blankets than to open up and get into cold, straight, yucky ones :stuck_out_tongue: