What does your gaming space look like?


I’m th EXACT opposite. I refuse to get into an unmade bed… Sometimes at night I get up to retuck the quilt between the mattress and footpiece (is that even a correct term?) of the bed. My wife loves messing up the bed and seeing my fuss about it…


Will be moving my setup soon though , will post photos once thats done


ok whatever, here it is. ZERO tidying up (even still have some tea left in that mug while i type this). Ignore the hideous monstrosity that is the left white AIO celeron crap, its something a client bought without consulting that I now am required to “setup”, which I’m also busy with right now. Flex will be happy about the pc not being on the floor…not sure who will be happy/unhappy about the meeseeks having a joyride on the CSGO chicken (yes thats a csgo chicken with the bomb strapped to its back).

Also since the desk is next to bedside table thingy htats next to bed my girlfriends stuff tends to seep over so thats why there are some other stuff lying around :smiley:

i am not ashamed…i am deeply disappointed in what neat freaks you all are!


is the DOOM for trying to atone for ‘living in sin’? :poop:


Nope, and technically not living in sin since she doesn’t live with me, doesn’t mean she doesnt stay over at times :stuck_out_tongue:


MEW in the white theme… savage


It looks like people have no love for the white theme.


My white build I did is still my favorite of all my rigs


What happened to it?


A guy offered me more than what It cost to build it new! Could not say no =D


My gaming/office space also happens to be the storage room of the house unfortunately so I have to make the best of it:


Not the best picture but ag nou ja


Which mic arm are you using?


Samson mba38


Here is my corner…
It looks like this 100% of the time because my wife is the anti-cutter so I cant take credit for its neatness.
On the right is a fridge :wink:

apologies for avacado quality


Moved into a new place last week so haven’t had a lot of time to get everything set up as I want it ultimately. There will be a lot more guitars on the wall soon.

PS4 is behind the chair.


Flex will want to know where the pc is…unless you’re 2nd screening the laptop?


No PC. Only the laptop at the moment. And that is not on the ground.


My main space:

The space where my wife sits (and my desktop PC is setup):

A view showing the 2 in perspective:

Behind me is a TV mounted above the fireplace that is connected to the PS4: