What does your gaming space look like?


A few changes from the last time we did this

Mine still looks pretty much the same - minus the Xbox and PS3 games and the PC has been changed. (obviously)


That kinda sounds a lot different then.


Yeah I know - I meant more the arrangement of the room.

Also…I can’t even remember owning a Wii

Oh and I have a much better sound setup now. Yeah ok, it’s totally different.


Jis dit is mos nou tonne beter!!!


Peer pressure works!


Or people just listen to Flex :stuck_out_tongue:


No it doesn’t!


Are you happy now?

Ek sal nog die kabels mooi doen ens, ek wil net eers die kamer uit verf


Baie jah!
Voel dit ook nie nou sommer beter nie?


Dit gaan lank vat om gewoond te raak :stuck_out_tongue:

Maar ja



That’s your new monitor? Looks magnificent. Wish you many happy gaming hours!


Thanks @GregRedd! It’s great! I’m very happy. Have to get used to the higher resolution though. Everything’s a bit smaller than on my previous screen. But it looks so crisp and clear!


Yoh, that looks amazing!


whats your address again? :rofl:


Moved my setup

My new space


Cozy! May I suggest a mirror above the monitor? For early detection of surprises :smiley:


What happened to the other screen facing the wall?


hahaha :stuck_out_tongue: Well my room became the new babies room. So got rid of all the stuff I do not need, got a new smaller desk and moved my setup. So just 1 screen. Still wondering if I should get a clamp mount for the screen to try save more space


You can save more space by putting your tower on the floor…