What does your gaming space look like?


Spent Sunday setting this up. Partly inspired by wanting to use the empty space behind the couch, partly by not wanting to so sit in the hot dark study for hours. This is now in the tv/lounge area.


Because of room switching, my setup is no longer as it used to be.
I’d need to buy a new table and invest in a crapton of gaming and movie posters.


Yeah, I also need to get some merch. Was looking at those funko pop figurines today but wow there are so many.


Update. Had to show MEW :grin:


Decided to rearrange my PC room. Now my case isn’t on the floor. Just for you, @Flex


Although that desk looks like some kinda floor pattern.


It’s an antique made by my great-grandfather in the early 1900s. Think it’s vinyl? Could really have been a floor at one stage, they were very much into reusing stuff in those days.


I appreciate it!!

How do you survive on that mouse pad though? O_o That is madness


Haha! I scrolled up to look at the size of your’s :rofl:

I play with my wrist, resting my forearm on the desk. Are you telling me you move your mouse all over that pad? Doesn’t your arm get tired? How many times have you had tennis shoulder from gaming?

Maybe my DPI (2000) is set higher? I do sometimes have to “reset” my mouse and pad position though

Out of Context

I play mainly FPS games. And with FPS a high DPI is a nightmare and very bad for accuracy.
I indeed use the whole mouse pad.

My DPI is 400. And then each game has its own sens that I adjust from there


I am trying to get used to this. It feels mad to me coming from a high dps type of vibe. As a step down I moved from 2600 to 800. And then I will make the jump to 400. I am so used to using my wrist, it feels extremely awkward moving my hand.


To move from a high dps to a low dps initially feels pointless and totally awkward. Until you get used to it. you will however have to move your arm a bit more and have quite a lot of space to move.
If I have to make very sudden changes or large rotates, I have to lift the mouse off slightly and take it back again.


I play on high dps. That’s probably one of the reasons why I’m so bad at online gaming.


Definitely give low DPI a try, and give it a few days and see if it improves or not. It definitely helps with aiming. Do you know what your DPI is set at currently? Maybe try halving it at first. This is mainly for FPS and TPS though.


Yeah go down bit by bit. Do not jump for 8000 DPI to 400 DPI. Halving it is a very good idea





My cable management is on point!


Either your house will burn down due to the cable mess. Or due to PC over heating from all the dust on the floor!



Choice is not an option. This is not my table and as such and cannot place my tower on top of it.
I’ll sort out the cables when I’m in the mood.