What does your gaming space look like?


Wait, choice has options O_o I am confused.

I would rather place something under the pcs “legs” to not damage the table and have it stand on the table.

People really under estimate how bad id is for your PC. Unless you clean it every single week.




We playing spot the difference? =D


Also, we live in an especially dusty area up here, so, on the floor or on a table, it’s going to get just as dusty regardless.


Yeah, yeah we are.


I can’t see a difference. PC still on the floor ! O_o

Will try print them and put side by side


This reminds me of Parks and Rec


I moved into my final destination recently. Will send updated pics tonight. I will include cables cause i know @Flex will love mine. I did some interesting things with it.


Hint: Cables


Ek trek niemand se draad nie


Hagan het sy eie getrek. Nogal netjies ook.


Dink nie hy het geweet hoe om dit te doen tot gister nie. Moes hom eers se


Kom doen myne?


Sjoe ek weet nie. Het jy draad om te trek?
Eks bitjie ver, dalk sal @FarligOpptreden kan help?

Out of Context

Nope, eks ook bietjie ver. Eks nader aan jou as aan @Wyvern.


Jy gaan def nie my draad kom trek nie!