What Gaming Services/Subscriptions are you signed up to?

Gaming services or subscriptions have been around for a long while (especially the likes of Xbox live and PSN) and have offered free games as a value add. More recently services/subscriptions have been offered solely for the purpose of providing games. And say what you like about them, some offer great value.

Currently I have an Amazon Prime subscription which offers quite a bit of value especially as it gives you Twitch prime which includes ad-free Twitch viewing and monthly assortment of games.
I also have a Humble Monthly subscription but have had it paused for quite a while lately.
I’m definitely eyeing EA’s Origin Access (the standard one) with its large assortment of games for as low as R300 for the year.

What subs do you have? What are your thoughts on them?

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I don’t have any gaming subs at the moment, apart from PS Plus (if that counts).

I’m am seriously considering the EA Origin Premium Pass. I will give it a go once one of the new games which I want to play releases. My idea is to pay for one month (think that is R200?) and if I like it and the games, I’ll pay the year sub, which is R1200 or so I believe, which is great value for money if you play only 3 of the new games.

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I’m signed up to the Humble Monthly Bundle which is amazing value for money. Plus I’m subscribed to XBox Games with Gold.

Ps Plus, humble monthly and origin. i sign up for shit and then i forget I did so it just runs in the background. Except for humble monthly. That i look forward to. Although i am skipping this month.

I have Humble Monthly, I’ve paused it one or two times. I’m wondering if I should cancel it though.

atm none! I hate contracts and subscriptions

I always have xbox live gold, i just find it good value for what your getting (especially the 360 games you get to keep permamently) alot which i never had the opportunity to buy and play back then. I also have an xbox gamepass sub that expires in 2 or 3 days, i only get gamepass when its R5 a month or when i get it for free if i reach the gold or gamepass quests for the month.

Not a one, I cannot afford it right now.

Currently I have Xbox Live Gold that I’ve been paying now for more than 10 years already. Every year I try to get a 12 month bundle that end’s up being a bit cheaper per month.

Then I also have Game Pass now, and have decided to keep it. With the passing of each month, Game Pass gets more and more valuable and at the moment it’s becoming an essencial service to have on Xbox. So many games I’ve played and tried just because of Game Pass.

Then I also have Humble Bundle, but I frequently turn it off and on again if there is something I find interesting and would like to add to my growing list of PC games I’ll most probably never play.

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Only Audible which is not gaming related. Sad I missed this months humble Bundle, really wanted Ken Follets The Pillars of Earth.
Will grab it on steam soon

I’ve been wanting to get a HumbleBundle monthly for a few months now, but never get myself so far to subscribe. :expressionless:

EDIT: Now that I see what Origin Access is about, I wouldn’t mind having that as well…

Just enjoying the benefits of my EA Origin Access.

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absolutely zero,

the less debit orders the better.

I dont have time for all those games anyway. Most unfortunate.

nope, dont subscribe to any services, although EA Origin access looks very appealing, however i just dont have enough time to play games

If anyone is keen you can get a month’s subscription to Origin Access for R14,95 at the moment. There are plenty of games to choose from that you could play and complete during the month.


I’m actually officially considering cancelling my Humble Monthly for good. I’ve paused it for 3 months in a row now due to already owning the early unlocks, or not having any interest in them (like this month).

Twitch has ads? Guess I have prime then :smiley:

…or adblock :wink:

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Prime doesn’t give you ad-free viewing anymore - at least not in the browser, may be different in the app. Ad-block does prevent it though.

I haven’t experienced any ads using the PS3 app yet… I’ve been watching The Grand Tour the past couple of weeks.