What Gaming Services/Subscriptions are you signed up to?


I have none that I subscribe to currently - its just a luxury that I cant afford.


EA Access premier. Have had amazon prime and will likely renew it again at some point.


Dohc, I know this is an old post of yours but curious… is this through the Microsoft Rewards programme? Are you still using it and does it still work? And if so, how are you doing it? Every time I’ve tried to get on to MS Rewards it tells me Rewards are not available in my country. When I tried to beat it through a VPN connection, it tells me my account is not registered in a eligible country.


it still works but i havent gotten any rewards these past few months cause i havent had time to reach the goals/objectives (i just dont have enough time to play tbh)

the loophole i have is that i still actively use my 360 and the region for that console is still set to UK, so every once in a while when i sign into my 360 account with my vpn the rewards program pulls in those achievement data even if my xbone is set to uk or SA (that doesnt seem to matter) so i just keep the xbone on SA permanently. the last gamepass quest i successfully completed was i think about a year ago tbh.

i know the codes are used and expired but i still blurred it out, bad habit