What phone do you have?

What phone do you have? Do you have contract or prepaid?

I just want to suss out whats around if I do need to get a new phone.

Iphone 7 plus.

Contract (through work)

Upgrading towards the end of the year to probably the Note 9 or if Apple has a bigger screen it will be that.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7, on contract paid for by the company. I’ll only be upgrading at the end of the year, and I’ll probably get the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Sony Xperia XZ, contract through Telkom.

I just upgraded to the Huawei P Smart - https://www.gsmarena.com/huawei_p_smart-8961.php

The 32gig and 3gig Ram version and so far so good. Im just getting used to the camera cos it feels a bit like it over saturates my photos.

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my LG g3 is wrecked, the main chipset fails after about 2 years apparently , so waiting for the Xiaomi note 5 to start selling, I cancelled my contract after many many years because I don’t want to be tied down to a single networks ridicules data rates

Probably would fit me better, but it’s not always my full decision which phone the company is willing to give. So perhaps only the normal S9. Although some of my peers are getting the new iPhone X…

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I have Samsung Galaxy S8 through contract with MTN. I get 2GB, 100 minutes and 100 sms’s per month. 2GB is not enough for me per month though, so I got myself an additional 2GB per month with Afrihost Mobile, and since I’m already with MTN i just added an APN to swap between the two.

I only upgraded in like May this year, so I’ll be sticking with what I have for a while. I do get phone allowance from work, but it is not enough to cover the full contract.

Got my wife one. its cool and all but its too small for me. I see the rumour mill is talking about a 6.5" iPhone X this year. If that is the case, it will be hard to resist.

Whut? I had my LG G3 for 2 and a half years and the only issue I had was battery life and I couldn’t find a replacement battery which had the same amount of mAh.

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Have the samsung 4mini :smiley: But really just want a iphone since I am not a big phone person I just want something that works.

S8, bought it cash but have a telkom R99 contract

lucky you, every phone repair place i walked into when i said lg g3 were like nope sorry not worth fixing, because of x blah blah.

at the moment I have to open it up every other day and shove paper behind or in front of the board so I can have the screen stay on longer than 2 sec, its so infuriating.

Samsung galaxy prime plus, prepaid, wish internal storage was a bit bigger, only 8gb and for some reason even though all my apps are on my sd card it’s already full, but atleast it is faster than my old s3

LG G6. super happy with it

Contract (boss pays w00t)

I have an S8 on contract with MTN.

Pretty happy with it. Loved my Blackberry Passport

Huawei P9 Lite on contract. It’s amazing for it’s price class

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Xiaomi Mi Max on a month to month with Afrihost.

Huawei P8 on My MTNChoice 100mins. Best phone I’ve ever owned.