What was the last movie that you watched?

Only the Brave - brilliant movie - true life story - 8/10

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It is brilliant.


Finally got around to watching this ^ Despite it’s overbearing marketing it was better than I thought it would be. Still think the 1990 miniseries succeeded in being far creepier.

I watched Rouge One.

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The last movie I watched was Dunkirk

Finally. And I must say it was a really good movie, but the reviews and articles about it made it sound much better than what I actually found it to be.

watched a movie called get out on saturday, was pretty good imo, different to most of the typical rinse and repeat horrors that you see.

watched the Disaster artist… (not knowing about its history, made for this to be very interesting for me). the end of the movie was the best part though

The last movie I watched was Sunday evening and we watched Nails.

It was disappointing really.

Awesome movie - didn’t think Jordan Peele had it in him.

Yeah i enjoyed the unexpected twists in there

Watched Thor: Ragnarok over the weekend. It was good, but I expected much more after all the hyper I saw online.

thats on my to watch list

The Shape of water, was actually good if your into that kind of genre.

I watched The Cloverfield Paradox

Got to say, I thought it was going to be something completely different. Unfortunately I was not pleasantly surprised. The movie was okay at best for me.

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I just laughed.

I watched this over the weekend, hugely eye opening as to the state of North Korea propaganda and how far the people have been pushed. You can tell a lot from the eyes of a child.

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This one surprised me a lot. It was so good.

The last movie I watched was funny people. I normally avoid Adam Sandler movies, but this one was surprisingly good. I enjoyed it. Had a lot of funny moments with a big ensemble cast.


I always avoid Nic cage movies for a reason. This last one of his reminded me again why never to watch his stuff. This man gives me the creeps and after watching The Humanity Bureau I want that hour 40 mins back please.

His movies are usually bad. The only times when he actually make relatively good movies is when it is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (Con Air, The Rock) or John Woo (Face Off).

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I know! But I was bored, saw the movie, regreted it ever since - I should know better!