Which tablet should I choose

I am stuck between these two: I have an old galaxy tab 3 Lite, but its getting towards the end of days on battery life and screen (has been replaced 2 times now - if not more)


The main difference is the first one is older, less features and ok screen. I do not care for the camera - never used it on my tablet. I use it for study notes, watching movies and reading books. Not much else - no games and so on.

Price difference is the tab 3 lite is R1500 and the other one is R2000

I was lucky to win R500 in the blue dot takelot giveaways - so I am waiting to see if either goes on sale during the bluedot. I dont bother with bigger screens - I have learnt that the 7" is more comfortable to hold when reading. Plus I can just about afford the R2000 tablet.

And no no apple anything

Let me ask you this, why a tablet? Why spend the money on a tablet? I don’t know but these days tablets just doesn’t have any reason to use them over something like a phone or a Kindle.

For me they are more useful than a phone for studying and reading and watching movies on - phone is decent but I prefer the slightly bigger screen of the tablet. Plus phone is a nightmare to type notes on when in a lecture where as the tablet with a keyboard is perfect - especially since I dont want to carry around a laptop. Kindle was an option was looking at the kindle fire - but not sure if I can get a keyboard for it so that I can take notes

Does it have to be a Samsung? Samsungs in general are more expensive.

Nope it actually doesnt, I just dont know what other brands are good to trust. I am also looking at the Kindle Fire - but I would prefer android tablet.

Cool, I’ll have a look for you this evening. I had a Huawei tablet that was great until it stopped working and Takealot refunded me.

Like I said main thing for me is the fact that I want to be able to use a keyboard and use it like a mini laptop for studies and watching movies and so on. I see there are Lenovo’s out for a decent price as well.

I’m actually not sure what tablets are available in the market at the moment. I’ve been off tablets for a while. I’ll have a look for you as well. At work we use Samsung and Lenovo tablets.

Tablets also save my phone’s battery that I don’t watch everything on the phone or read on it. So yea 7" tablets is perfect, android ftw since that makes them 1/3 of the price of apple. Plus I dont want to use iTunes. A laptop is inconvenient to read on in bed :stuck_out_tongue: hence the sticking to a tablet. The 10" is just to big to be comfortable - yes they are nicer but its also outside of my price range - the Max I want to spend is R2k


BWAHAHAHAHAHA that might work for my clumsy self

Hehe, it’s difficult to pick a R2000 tablet. I’m surprised by how expensive tablets are.

I know right! The main thing is I dont care for camera’s I will never use it. the reason I was leaning towards the Samsungs is mainly I know their quality. It is bloody good, considering my old one is a 2013 model and still going - but it is time to start looking for a replacement.

The biggest problem I can see with the samsung ones are how little RAM they’ve got. If I look how much memory apps use these days it just makes me worry how future proof it is. And yet the options under R2000 doesn’t really give you options. So it should be fine.

Most of the tablets have so little ram it is scary, but for running video apps and word or excel it works fine - I have noticed mine slowing down a bit now. But I am attributing it to old age and the everything it went thru as my laptop

I would have gone for a fancier tablet - but yea budget constraints limits me to the R2k max.

I’m sure it’ll be fine. Maybe you can get a nice deal this Friday. :slight_smile:

That is what I am hoping for, hence the need for research to make sure if the right tablet comes up I can grab it quick

The sadness is the Asus tablets are so expensive - if I could this is what i would have gone for


That is a nice one.

I found this one at Loot:

It’s not at Takealot and it’s not a fancy make but it’s very cheap! Will look some more. I want to see if I can find something with at least 2GB of RAM.