Which tablet should I choose



Just saw this - I just dont know connex


I’m just curious as to why “no Apple anything”? My wife’s iPad 4 is now almost 5 years old and still going strong… Battery life is still enough to watch 13 hours of series, tested as recently as December when she caught up on series on our drive down to Cape Town.

So all in all I do believe them to be great value from a longevity perspective.


They might work, I just hate itunes and the fact that I have to convert all my stuff to make it work on the ipad. My samsung is lasting now 3 almost 4 years. I am just starting to look at other options and now even have Hauweii in mind. My main thing is I am an android person. I used an ipad for a year - won a nexus tab on mygaming and the ipad was given to my dad, he still uses it, but I havent looked back from the nexus.



this is on sale at the moment, if your not sure about other brands.

there is also this one




The Lenovo or Huawei ones look pretty good. IPS screens are great. I avoid samsung because I inherited one that doesn’t boot up. Actually, it just needed a ROM, but I left it turned on, battery ran dry and it won’t boot. Battery has a full charge now, but screen won’t even turn on. Its a widely reported problem with samsungs, don’t let them run dry…


Mines charger is dead - so it depends on how much it will cost to fix it if I replace it or just get a new tab

The huawei is tempting me a lot just because I love the phones - ease of use is just amazing

The lenovo is tempting just for the price - its between those two tho


If its just the physical charging port, the part is R50-100 plus labour.

Is the battery completely flat, and won’t charge? Maybe you need to open it up, disconnect the battery, hold the power button for a minute, then reconnect it (that works for some samsungs, not mine unfortunately)


It charged last night full, this morning I wanted to copy some files onto it and it refused. The pc wont detect it at all, then I plugged it in at work, testing different cables - the charger is now not charging at all and wont pick up the pc at all.
Same cables work on my phone


i’ve had my samsung tab 2 for about 5 years now (a mygaming prize) and it still works perfectly (only sluggish when it comes to some large pdf ebooks)


So I am finally going to get the tablet, my budget is max R2k .

I still like my 7inch for what I use it for, aka most comfy for reading on.


In my head I am leaning towards the Huawei just because I fell in love with the Huawei P Smart


I think I would go with this one:

And it’s currently on special!


Im just waiting for the SARS to pay me


I hope they pay us all soon!


This is the tablet you need, forget about those other ones:



eendag as ek ryk is!


That thing costs a fortune!



If I can ensure I get the 2gig one, I am willing to pay R2k for this one


The bonus of waiting for the sars monies: I have changed my mind on the tablet again

The fact that the Huawei is not available in the 2gig ram with 16 gig space, plus no SD card slot - meand I will go for that samsung


not to mention no cell connection? WT actual?