Woman Crush Wednesday


I must have an odd definition of crush then… I wouldn’t consider finding someone hot a crush. I’ve always thought there had to be some sort of ‘heart’ behind it.

Since it seems the bar has been lowered, I have plenty

Morena Baccarin


Natalia Kat


My WCW goes out to a local lady making waves in the Fitness Industry

Tough choice…


Natalie Portman


Amy Adams


Salma Hayek 17 years apart. Like fine wine


Kaley Cuoco





She wins all threads. The mods can now close this and any other threads featuring pictures or speak of women.


Todays WCW is dedicated to Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants. And yes I watch it, and yes I love it.!

My favourite lady by far is the current Bachelorette, she is such a beautiful happy go lucky person!

Becca Kufrin


Wow I forgot about WCW! So Sorry!

Well better late than never.

Track Athlete Alica Schmidt


Cobie Smulers

Gal Gadot


good gracious…


I know right!!!

Saw this beaut on my Instagram as well this week

Carrie June


Todays WCW goes out to the hottest Athletes

Hilary Knight

Winifer Fernandez

Paige Spiranac


Picture incomplete…


Thought you would like it :slight_smile:


Been watching Amazon Prime on a free trial.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Valorie Curry


Olga Kharlan, 2017 world champion sabre fencer


Lesley-Ann Brandt