Woman Crush Wednesday



You know the rules dammit!


I know it is not Wednesday but holy damn!


one day later
posts pic



Hahaha! I was talking about providing names for Research Purposes.
But you are right. I have let you all down and I am disappointment in myself


Okay so is it Wednesday yet?

I have a thing for woman that can play Guitar, does an extreme sport, lift weights or a geeky girl with an imagination.

Today it goes out to the amazing ladies from the cast of Critical Role, where they play D&D every week.

Marisha Ray

Laura Bailey


Ashley Johnson


kind of nsfw
Elley V


Looks stunning. But very confused about what she does. Youtube channel for kids toys? Or where did you hear about her?


I saw her somewhere modeling but could not find here full name.


Natalie Dormer

Anna Louise


Katherine McNamara


Diamante Azzura


Been watching Married With Children lately, and I must say, Christina Applegate was my big crush when I was in school.


Oh yes definitely !


MIchelle Lewin

Adriana Brazier


Avril Lavigne


Let’s dial it back a little from being the “women you think are hot” thread into the “internet personalities we have an actual ‘realistic’ type crush on” thread for today…

I’m not talking instagram models and such…

Simone Giertz (check out the badass scar from getting a brain tumour removed)

Claire Saffitz

Personality goes a long way!


Well this is interesting. There are 3 local ladies I think are quite cute. 2 are streamers and one does write ups about bikes and so on

Sam Wright aka Tech Girl

Julia “Bish” Robson

Skinny aka Tank Girl


Another local lady that I’m quite fond of is Pippa Tshabalala



I have not really seen many of her vids or know her well. Know of here though