Your Favourite Android Games

What are some of your favourite android games. My addiction as you all know are clicker games, so these are the three I love the most.


uhm…i have always wondered, what is a “clicker” game ?

Clash of Clans, Hearthstone and freefire are on my list right now

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Install EggInc and see :stuck_out_tongue:
its a game where you have to actively click to progress

ah, this seems to be pretty much the opposite of games i dig, which are “IDLE” games. Stuff like CATS and Fallout Shelter.

After you get the game going it does turn into an idle game but each time you reset you start clicking again

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ah cool. Will check it out, thanks

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Am I the only one who really dislikes games on phones and only sees them as leeches ?


I find them handy at times, when you in a queue and looking to kill a bit of time.

check our Zombie Chasers. Quite a fun little game

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played walking dead road to survival quite a long time. same with CSR 1/2. I get to a point tho where i “complete” the main game and then quickly grow tired of the end-game “grind” that just tries to push you to spend money to compete in PvP etc.

So currently not playing anything on phone, 9gag does enough while i’m in a queue :slight_smile:

PUBG Mobile - Favourite

  • Open-world BR

Dungeon Hunter 4 - Occasional

  • Isometric hack-n-slash


The recent change to PUBG Mobile has done it many favours:

  • Cleaner inteface
  • Adaptable graphics performance
  • Better-looking visuals (even on Low)
  • Hit markers

And more, that I probably haven’t discovered yet.

Love clicker games :slight_smile:

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Two of my favourites (and thus I have paid actual money for) are:

Twenty - the free version is more than enough but buying it gives you some additional game modes.

and Solitairica which you can also find on Steam

This is your fault :grin: Playing this now.

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Very important to have.

does egg inc have a storage limit where you can only collect x amount of eggs before paying to upgrade? Hay DAy does and i hate it

YOu dont need to spend a dime in the game if you dont want to, I have bought the golden eggs piggy bank a few times in 4 years - when it goes on sale. Otherwise I just farm the eggs and have no issues so far.


youmy friend are getting a doctors bill for tennis finger. this game is fun


Blame @Blazzok who got me hooked years ago

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New crossword game I found its deceivingly difficult