"All gamed out"

So, what do you do when you’re “all gamed out”?

I was ecstatic when this long long long weekend finally arrived, with no duties to perform, work to do or chores to attend to. I realised I could get my game on and catch up on some much needed escapism. Only problem is, last night after spending an hour I just wasn’t in the mood anymore - I jumped between Fallout 4, Mortal Kombat X, Steamworld Dig 2 and StarCraft 2 all within the space of 3 hours! Even this morning I decided to fire up Horizon Zero Dawn and DriveClub, but I honestly didn’t enjoy the time I spent with them.

Only conclusion I could draw was that I’m all gamed out. So how do you deal with this terrible phenomenon when it strikes?


Yeah, that happens to me all the time. I am going through it right now. For some reason, I’m putting off finishing God of War. I don’t want it to end. Today so far I have played Darwin project, Civ 6, Pubg and Oxygen not Included.

Unfortunately, I do not have a solution for you.

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There’s nothing wrong with taking a break. Maybe get into reading a book or watching a series that you’ve been eyeing out.

I find I game hop after having played a game that I’m really into - but the multiplayer games still keep me coming back for a few rounds regardless.


I tend to use the time to clean out my pc, read and watch movies and TV shows.

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And here I thought this forum was an infinite source of wisdom…

My brain is too tired to read currently, as I read articles throughout the week to keep up to speed with developments in, well, development. Thought I might get around to watching some series tonight. Wife has been watching a bunch of Afrikaans and girly movies with her mom the whole day so far while I tried to entertain myself. I always get panicky when I have to take a break from gaming, because I always feel that there’s so many games I still want to play and complete.

Problem is I don’t enjoy multiplayer games. I might give the standalone Gwent game a bash later though…

Right now my plan is to braai some lamb ribs after I made a new dry rub my mashing together spices I thought would go nicely together. So currently I’m just sitting next to the Weber, waiting for the coals to be ready so I can slap the meat on the grill and watch it sizzle to perfection.

And to think I still have another 4 days of this to go through… Today is the first day I can remember in years that I’ve been sitting at home, not going anywhere, with no work to do. I guess that’s the price I’m now paying for being overly busy the past 4 years!

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Dude take the time and relax, sometimes you need to do menial stuff to reset. That is normally when I start spring cleaning a room and throw away useless crap. Aka the scary time for anyone cos I do it to all my friends…

I’m currently eyeing 2 trees in my yard that I want to trim tomorrow. The house is clean and a couple of weeks ago we already got rid of boot-loads of stuff in preparing for our little boy that’s arriving in August. So we honestly can’t get rid om more stuff.

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You make this sound like a bad thing haha

Gaming fatigue happens to most us - how to deal with it I have no idea… the urge to play just sort of comes back at some point. I have found that playing different genres to what you’re used to also helps.

Not at all! It really is, well, therapeutic.

I already play quite a wide variety of games. Over the past couple of weeks the genres I’ve touched include:

  • Third-person RPGs (Witcher 3 and Horizon Zero Dawn)
  • Isometric ARPGs (Diablo 3)
  • First-person RPGs (Skyrim and Fallout 4)
  • Racing games (DriveClub)
  • Metroidvanias (Steamworld Dig 2 and Hollow Knight)
  • RTS (StarCraft 2 and OpenRA)

I guess I could start out on a new FPS (or just complete Doom) or a bit of 4X (Civ 6 is still glaring at me each time I open my “Local” filter of Steam games). I also really, really want to play a good golf game again, but the current batch of PC golf sims have lackluster (or even nonexistent) career or campaign modes. I yearn for the days of old Tiger Woods games.

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Well at least you have some options. I’m dying for a cricket game that doesn’t totally suck ass.
Sport games are a genre I don’t often touch, but actually really enjoy once I find one that I like.

After I finished DS3 my gamed out feeling Has been the worst it’s been in ages. Play a game, and I’m like…you’re cool, but not DS cool. Also over saturation plays a big part - you have 150 games in your Steam library and another 300 boxed games on various platforms you kind of feel like you’ve seen it all.

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yup yup yup you are not alone , its 15:46 pm and I have done no gaming just been sitting here thinking i should play something and doing nothing

Well, I managed to find some joy again in Just Cause 3. It’s mindless fun with huge, pretty explosions.


It’s a great game. I played Witcher 3 for the first time last night, despite having it installed since Christmas…


Now THAT’s a great game. Took me just under 150 hours to complete on my second time around. I played a, ummm, “testing” copy of it for around 30 hours before committing to buying it on Steam and restarting from the beginning.

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I’m happy to say that this hasn’t happened to me yet. I’ve seen it happen to lots of people however.


This has happened to me a few times. I get completely spent and just spend time hopping from one game to the next.

What helped me out of that funk was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. That game got me excited, not just about it, but about gaming in general. It was such a fantastic experience that I just felt like I had a huge gaming holiday and could reinvest my time in something else.

I would say you have a few options to try and work through this funk.

  1. Try and take a break from gaming. Just playing games. Keep on reading and watching gaming content. As you read more you start to find that hunger for gaming again.
  2. Take a break of all things gaming. Don’t play games, don’t read about games. Just take a few days, do something else, and realign yourself and your head, and come back better.
  3. Hop from game to game. Don’t feel bad that you do that. Hop from one game to the other and try and find that one game that just ticks all your boxes. Perfect time to try something new perhaps.

It happens often, i try change genre, do physical activity or just garden to take a break

Yeah, I’m also at that point and decided to take a break from gaming completely. Currently work is going hectic so I don’t really have time anyway.
Hopefully when I’m done with this project, the want for gaming will return by then. If not, I might just fire up some Mass Effect, Witcher, XCOM or any of the other “addictive games” to try work up an appetite.

Oooo yes! this happens to me often!

I use my game burn out to watch movies that Ive wanted to see. Then I find that a particular movie will make me keen to play a game similar to it.
recently I watched Spiderman Homecoming so that made me amped for a spidey game. Which I loved and finished in a week. All that beatemup action made me keen for pure beatem up, so now Im onto God of War and so it will go until nothing interests me for a while. I actually enjoy stepping away for a change.

Just out of interest and proper analysis how old are the people who are suffering from this, i’m 35.

The reason i’m asking is because I think its also linked to life experiences related to age, i.e things not being as much fun after you have done them 100 times over, so any games that have the same old mechanics or story become less entertaining.