Anthem (2019)



Just realised I was being dumb, and reading the times all wrong. 7PM was when it started here on Friday. I’ve subsequently seen mentions that the Demo ends either at 6PM PT or 8PM PT, both in this thread and in other places. (And one suggestion on Reddit that it’ll run as late as 11PM PT.) Whatever it is, it’ll be sometime early tomorrow morning for us, so time enough tonight for me to give it another look.


Jan, busy watching your play through (so I can try finish that manifold mission tonight at least.)

  • Is the loadout that you started that first mission with in your video the Default?
  • What’s the ability linked to the E key (looks like a thick laser stream?)?
  • At the end of the mission, how did you work out the lock sequence? What was the lock sequence?? I’ve watched that bit twice now and still can’t work out what you were doing to get it to disengage :slight_smile:


Lol I did this by accident with my team.

  1. No, I equipped gear they give you the very first time I played it through. For some weird reason they only equip one gun and nothing else by default. (Unfortunately my very first play-through of the first mission didn’t work out so nicely, so I used a subsequent play-through with slightly better gear, I think.)

  2. Spark Beam. That thing helped me turn the tide against that boss in the second mission. Not always that powerful, but deadly against shields and machines, it seems.

  3. I think the key sequence is randomised. First time my team figured it out, second time I brute-force hacked it (that’s what’s in this video), third time I noticed there are clues hidden around the room. I found one symbol underneath a walkway that leads to one of the glyphs. I think another symbol was on the side of one of pillar next to the walkway that leads to one of the glyphs. (Hope this makes sense?)

I can run that mission with you tonight if you want?


Very cool of you to offer Jan, but not entirely sure when I’ll get on, so please don’t worry to wait for me or anything. If you are on when I do, would absolutely appreciate the help.


Didn’t get anywhere near it again, but just saw a reason to try things again next weekend during the Open Demo:


So on a level of 1 to Destiny 2 how much am I going to enjoy this?


I honestly will refrain from answering this question

especially considering that I played the demo for 30mins and then launched D2


You will love it, dude. Download it when the open demo pre-load for this weekend becomes available and check it out.


I’m watching @SIGSTART’s playthrough and I must admit it looks really fun. I will try the open demo out this weekend and hopefully will be able to see for myself.

I’m wary of launch though - it usually takes a few months for these kinds of games to iron out the problems. I was a late adopter of both Diablo 3 and Destiny 2, and it seems that was a good thing, considering the problems.


Made another video on the weekend in moments stolen between being in a fever dream and running to the bathroom (whoever made me sick… I hope you get better soon because this sucks!)

Anyway… I’m here to help answer the big questions about Anthem.

My wife has an honours in Astrophysics and Space Science and is busy finishing a Masters in Space Studies. I asked her about the night sky in Anthem and her response was too good not to post.

(I’m thinking of turning this into an article… yea or nah?)


Hells yes, I love this type of chat with respects to games.


“79 Jupiters? We’d be super dead.” :smiley:

Double thumbs-up and a high-five for Mrs. Sigstart - her perfect explanations made it so that even I understood it all.


Hahahaha I love this so much



Seems very Destiny/Warframeish. So many of these types of games now. Or am I perhaps missing something?


You got it right from what I can tell.


Anyone know if the 10 hour trial for a game for basic membership starts when you start downloading the game or actually playing it?

In my case it will take an entire week or more to download the game so I just want to make sure.


Pretty sure it’s in-game time only. At least it was when I used it for ME: Andromeda. Hopefully it doesn’t count any time you may be stuck on the “Connecting to Servers” screen, and only counts when you are actually connected.


Cool thanks