Anthem (2019)



That’s actually a good point. Found this reddit post @Shrike


Great news, thanks!


Anthem updates for the Open Demo are live:

Reddit confirmed update sizes:

• ⁠PC (Origin) - 272MB
• ⁠Xbox - ~300MB
• ⁠PS4 - 181MB

Version 1.01


And for the whole download?


Can’t remember off-hand, but found this:

The Anthem demo download size is 23.6GB on PS4 and Xbox One, and 44GB on Windows PC. This should be the same size of the free demo slated for February 1 too.


Sweet, updating now. What time does it start again tomorrow?


For anyone that’s interested in the different javelins

There’s a nice breakdown of each “class”


Again assuming it’s the same as the previous weekend, it should open at 7PM tonight for us. I wouldn’t rush into it expecting perfect connections immediately though. It’s a global start time again, so those servers are going to be hammered again.


I was going to enjoy putting some time into this demo but now i have to house sit until Sunday :confused:



Mmm yeah, and this weekend there will be even more players. I’ll wait till Saturday.


Sometimes my fellow news media are frustrating.

No-one writes about how ridiculous (and incorrect) EA’s “when you can play Anthem” chart is in the weeks leading up to the “VIP demo”.

But Jim Sterling has a go at EA on Twitter, and suddenly it’s news.


take your pc with?


Nee dammit. Dis te veel werk :joy:


Dude ek doen dit elke week :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone able to check for me if you can pause the game when solo missioning?


I doubt it. In neither Destiny nor Division could you pause… It’s because anyone can join you at any time.


Couple of useful things for if you get bored waiting, or for when you can’t connect to the servers :expressionless:

And an interactive chart of Javelin abilities, with links to a descriptive skills database (It’s a German site,but auto-translates to a passable English version.


I laughed when I saw this :slight_smile:

sorry @Wyvern


Lol yeah, I felt bad for killing the Wyverns