Anthem (2019)



Its ok, at least you lot are able to play - any pc players?

How is the controls feeling?


No yet, but hopefully a little tonight - the Redd ladies are doing a Girls Movie Night (Bradley Cooper, swoon, be still my beating heart…) so I might get a little peace and quiet around here for an hour or two :slight_smile:

Found this recommendation for adjustment to M+KB. Lots of positive feedback to it in the post. Also suggestions to go the other way with the Flight and Swim Response and to also drop them both to 0%. Worth a try I guess.


I managed to get access to the game for about 15 minutes after waiting and waiting and waiting - before it kicked me off for server issues and I deleted it. The little bit I did play was okay, though it felt a bit clunky? Like shooting and fighting felt a little laboured.

I definitely won’t be playing this on launch. I will wait a few months for them to iron out all the kinks - maybe even leave it until next year until the whole thing is settled.


Thanks I’ll try that out. Mouse and keyboard controls are fine but yeah, that Flight controls was a bit intense when I tried last week.


Got on this morning for a fair few hours. Much the same performance for me as last week. No major issues at all (except for the crash that ended my session.) Game ran smoothly for me throughout the morning with the default “High” settings, but like last week I did have Motion Blur and DoF turned off. M/KB controls seemed okay to me in flight and swimming (only did a little), but I’m probably not the best judge of these things.

Only irritating thing was getting disconnected and booted back to the start screen a couple of times when I was trying to start a mission with matchmaking. Watched @Entity play a little yesterday morning, and he had the exact same issue then. Switched the expedition to Private and got straight in. Played through the first 2 parts of the Mattias mission solo with a Ranger javelin. Took ages to do but I got there eventually, and actually only landed up respawning twice. Also did a fair bit of sight seeing to be honest, which ate a fair bit of the time. Hit a CTD just as I was about to start the 3rd part of the mission where you need to go find the Summer version of the dude.

Oh, I also spent a while messing around with the javelin customiser again. Funnily enough, after all my messing around with different colours and materials and vinyls, I ended up just making everything the same. Here’s my Goldmember Javelin:

All-in-all, I’ve been fortunate not to have hit the problems and issues many others have on both the demo weekends. And I’ve been pretty impressed by Anthem all round. Again, I’ve never played Destiny or War Frame, so I don’t have that point of reference. All I’ve gone on is “Can it keep me entertained for a few hours on a Sunday morning?” And it did.

I am going to try go back into later tonight. I want to try that 3rd mission part again, but maybe with a different javelin. Anyone used the Colossus?


Glad to hear your issues with the game have been minimal.

I’ve played with the Colossus, Ranger, and Storm and I think my favourites are the Storm and Ranger.

Honestly, playing with the Storm feels a bit like playing on Easy mode. You can hover for longer (and take less damage when you do), your abilities do pretty amazing AoE damage, and your ultimate is devastating.

Colossus was interesting, but my biggest gripe is that it has no shields. Any damage you take goes straight onto health. You have bring up your blast shield with your “evade” key (Default: CTRL or middle mouse) and make sure you’re pointing in the direction of fire, otherwise you can die pretty fast. You can’t shoot or use abilities from behind the shield, so you have to either use your shield to find better cover and fire from there, or fire and then re-engage your shield with a brief window of vulnerability. I didn’t enjoy this style of play.


This. I really enjoy playing Storm but i’m afraid they’ll realize the class needs some balance and then nerf it. I can literally hover forever and never actually have to touch the ground


Well that’s me for the weekend demo. It was fun and difficult. Those ice shield brutes were vicious and even those giant crab things. I won’t get it on release but one day if it’s on a good special then why not. It’s enjoyable.


Had a few hours with it over the weekend on PS4.

Honestly, my biggest gripe is that it’s just not designed for a solo experience. I mean you can’t even go into “free play” without some sense of matchmaking. This grinds me cos as a casual player, and one who like to play solo, does not want to be bothered with such tedious systems. Also, the missions are kak boring solo. Numerous times I was caught at the end boss, attempting to solo it, without any ammo because they’re such bullet sponges. I was simply left just running (flying) around the arena spamming my abilities to try and take it down, while waiting for my super/ultimate to charge.


When I first played the demo, I was delighted with the flying. Then i snagged some loot and was even happier. But after searching the menus for a while, i ralised that you cannot change loadout in the mission and this annoyed me. Almost put me off the game entirely.

But someone on reddit mentioned that Warframe does the same sort of thing, and I realised it was not really that big of an issue. I replayed the tutorial and the flying and the abilities won me over. I’m excited for the game once again


So there is no way to actually really solo? How is the server set up? Is it peer to peer or centralised server? The reason I ask is I sometimes have really bad internet over the radio towers I get my connection from.


Currently, only in campaign missions can you set it to private. When set to private and trying to play in free roam, it forces you to change to open and starts matchmaking. It’s a problem as this causes enemy pop in and rubber banding.

You can play solo campaign entirely from what it seems, but this brings other problems as highlighted above.


That’s exactly what happened to me. Waiting for my alti and just spamming L1 and R1 for grenade and rocket thing to charge.




(Found on r/AnthemTheGame)


That is exactly me!


That’s me too and 1000% worse when entering the water…


Hahaha this was me.


Lol i had no problem with the flying at all XD



Is this game also going to have a season pass, expansion DLC, annual pass bollocks?