Anthem (2019)



No season pass


Pretty excited for my first 10 hour trial to see if I like it next week. My plan is:

  1. to get the basic access
  2. start the game download on Friday when it is released
  3. play it for 10 hours after about a week of downloading (depending on size)
  4. decide to go R200 for a month to see how it plays out and if it fits my gaming needs/constraints


Been following this guy’s writings for years, interesting take


Sounds kinda jaded and doesn’t even like the genre. A take for the sake of a take, imo. But that’s blogging and the internet in general, innit?

Success or failure, Anthem’s impact on Bioware and the RPG genre is moot - even now Bioware is not the same company that made Baldur’s Gate (and even the key people involved with Dragon Age have moved on). Maybe Bioware won’t make them (or if it fails, EA will shutter it like it does everything else) - but hey, Obsidian is still out there making games, and so are a bunch of other studios.

It won’t kill RPGs. It won’t supplant them either. Destiny didn’t do it. Warframe didn’t do it. Just like Forknife and now that new one (Apex?) won’t make games like Doom suddenly obsolete. I’m not even sure what their point was about MMORPGs.

All in all, a pretty weird take, in my opinion.


What i would find interesting is how many times will a battlefield game not be “successful” before EA closes DICE’s doors.


Well said!


This is currently about my only incentive to buy this game right now.



as cool as the videos make it out to be, after the recent demo I’m left uninspired and not too impressed.



The preload has begun!


Eskom is completely screwing me over with this game. It seems like i won’t be playing this with my usual group of friends due to the power outage scheduling.


51gig for PC. Great news for me, I can be playing by Monday at least. I was expecting about 100gigs


How big was the “demo”? 30GB?

51GB these days for a game isn’t that big so its kind of nice


45gigs . . .


Agreed. I’m actually surprised it’s only 51GB. What chances a fat Day 1 patch on the 22nd when it officially launches I wonder.


Dont say such things! NOOOO, probably has a massive one yes ;-(, even on 15th release


Based on BF5 release their big day one patch only came on the global release date of the game. Everyone who had Origin Premier had to play with the bugs for 2 weeks. This game might be the same though.


12% downloaded by throttling the download speed to half my bandwidth through the day, so I can work. Hopefully have it up to close to halfway by tomorrow morning