Bookface for MEW


I’ve created a Facebook page for the MEW publishing site, and set it so stories are automatically posted to it.


Cool idea although i don’t use facebook anymore :smile:

Would also be cool to have the articles published to discord? I don’t often visit MEW that much but my discord is always running. Maybe having a articles and announcements channel where we can go and read the latest and greatest. Just a thought :blush:


I had a look. There is something you can do with zapier. When there is a now post on ghost it can send a message to discord.

Not sure if there is something natively in ghost.


Thanks! I was going to run a poll about this in Discord since not everyone there hangs out in the forum. I like the idea.

There is a native Slack link, which can apparently be used for Discord. I’ll take a look and see which performs better. The Slack link—I think—is more to post notices when articles are added and ready to be edited. But I’ll see…


A reason to consider using my Bookface account again…


Liked. I’m still sour that the rhino won over the kitty


But you’re team rhino, shouldn’t you be happy?


I have no idea how that got there



Going to report the page


You can cross the floor if you so wish. You missed the great title apocalypse of 2018, but at least you’re on-time for @Wyvern’s great Rhinocalypse.


Show me the way to the other side


Here are the basics:

Let me know if I should write a full tutorial?


notice anything different :smiley:


I have liked the page and made a recommendation.