Borderlands 3

Bask in the glory of the Borderlands 3 developer trailer.


Old news is old :stuck_out_tongue:



Haha. Ok fine fail. But we still need a Borderlands 3 thread anyway.

What do you guys think of the breakdown video below.


I approve of this thread, the other one was linked to a different article.

Haven’t watched the breakdown and I don’t think I want to either. I’ve seen enough, will try not to watch any further footage until I have the game.

The only thing I still want is a quick look at each new Vault Hunter so I can choose who to play with, but as of now it’s either the Siren or the old guy.


you’re not missing anything, it’s pretty much Borderlands 2.5

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Geez Buzz Killington over here…


Looks really “meh”, to be honest. Tired rehash.

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Wow I’m definitely not interested. That looks really poorly done.

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And you’re point is what exactly? I don’t care. It could be Borderlands 2.01 and I’d still buy it Day 1. That fact that it’s a new Borderlands game means I’m already sold.


Haha I didn’t actually watch the video.

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Borderlands TPS was pretty much 2.5. Or rather 1.5… I dunno, I’ll see what they can do with the game once we get some proper gameplay footage.

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I agree with the people saying it looks like more Borderlands 2 and that is perfect. Borderlands 2 is damn near perfect and more of that is exactly what I want from Borderlands 3. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

Take the money now and gimme!

According to some tweets yesterday (that have now been removed) the game is coming on September 13 and might be another Epic Exclusive.

A lot of people are of the opinion that it was April Fool post, but since it was removed there’s good reason to believe it’s for real.

Either way, we’ll find out tomorrow.

I’m happy with that date. Gives me enough time to play through all 3 previous games again.

As a side note, Borderlands 2 also released in September.

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Seems like a timed Epic store exclusive. Unless this series of tweets is part of an April fools prank?

Nope they said ages ago they are with Epic

I was linking to this topic and realised it is topic number 2001 on MEW.

This pleases me more than it should.


The release date trailer and box art has leaked.

The tweets were correct, it is indeed 13 September. Sadly, it is also an Epic Store exclusive (at least at first).

*Not the best quality trailer

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BORDERline similar, the box cover image reminded of me of something, took me a little while to realise what it was



Well it is about a cult this time right? Or did i dream that.