Brute Force Competition 2019



I did create a thread. I didn’t write an article but I made a thread about the Nintendo Direct.


Awesome! You are correct! I wonder why these aren’t showing up in my list. I will do some investigations. Thanks @Wlad.


Sorry Soli, last week was absolutely crazy for me so there was no way I would’ve been able to post and create threads.

And I highly doubt this week will be any different. So I might loose another life this week again.


Good luck for this week @DieGrootHammer! I know you are having a tough time there.


I vote give hammer a break - maybe let him do at least 15 replies?


I’m fine with that. Also people can take holidays from this as specified in my first post. Will everyone be okay with @DieGrootHammer taking the next week off?


YES! I agree


I’m cool with it.


As long as he promises not to bring glitter to another meetup.


@DieGrootHammer, you got enough votes and won’t need to do anything this week. :slight_smile:


I started my new job today so I’m also not sure if I’ll get a chance to do something this week, but I’ll try.


@SIGSTART and @Wlad, I couldn’t find anything by you guys. Please let me know if I’m wrong.




Thank you for the understanding for last week @Solitude. I’ll put in the effort to get everything done this week


Sorry, @Solitude. I did post in Offbeat, the “one game thread” and others, but I’m pretty sure it’s not enough.


It happens unfortunately. From the users screen it looks like you made 13 posts. :slight_smile:


I think this is the first week that some of us have gone for the 30 posts instead of creating a topic.

If any of you think I made a mistake please let me know.



@Wlad, if you made some more posts you would have made it but you are out now.


I just haven’t felt creative enough to create a thread. I think work is making me into a vegetable.


Sorry, @Solitude. I’ve been driving around testing mobile networks again and I thought I’d be able to post more from the road. When I got home last night I was just paste and forgot everything.

One more life… I’ll try to make it count.


Post 7 posts a day to be safe and it will be quick and easy. :slight_smile:


Yea I am feeling bad for not creating content, I need to try harder again

Im just creatively stumped at the moment - so please those of you who have article ideas but not time gimme a shout.