Hey, hey, it’s Chooseday. Time to make a choice:

Which would you rather wash by hand?

  • A sink full of dirty dishes
  • A load of teenage boys laundry

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Men who do the dishes get more sex - link



Or buy a dishwasher. Works just as well and the sex is the same.


never has sex with a dishwasher, but I’ll put it on my to do list :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve spent more time in my life hand washing dishes than hand washing clothes, so going for the dishes. No way in hell I’m washing a teenage boys clothes as well. That would be weird, and perhaps even illegal.


I missed the “by hand” bit. Changed my vote.

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Well thank you for leaving me on my own.


Soli, you need to re-evaluate your life if you would rather wash the clothes of a teenage boy with all those hormones and filthy thoughts than washing dishes that we all do at least once a week…:wink::yum:

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Haha I can’t do the dishes thing. Thank goodness for dishwashers.

These days sinks as so small so one that is full is not that many dirty things.

I do the dishes 95% of the time at home already, least I can do since my SO does 95% of the cooking

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I do dishes every night…

BUT if the dishes look like that. Food and sauce not scraped out and just thrown in the basin like that. HATE it.

I organize the basin and dishes before I start washing. Doing certain stuff first and moving down the line. All scraps and liquids already cleaned off so that the washing water does not get dirty.

Then the WARM water to rinse off the dishes should be on the side closest towards the drying rack. That is a mistake I see lots of people do


I only have one basin :frowning:

Uhm… How does that work?

Its a pain in the ass.

Hate those kind of sinks but sometimes you dont have a choice.

my hubby also does this dishes, how i wish he would take your approach to washing dishes… instead i have to sort through the dishes the following day to see what is clean and what is not…

My sink usually looks like that until I’ve finished using all the clean dishes out of my dishwasher.

Must be nice to have so much water to do dishes with.

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I do it every night as well in a VERY set way

  1. scrape everything clean - scraps going to the fluffs
  2. sort out the dishes, glasses first, then cups, cutlery, big plates, small plates, then the cleanest pots first, then the dirtiest ones after that (I normally give saucepans and so on to the dogs to clean them first).
  3. start washing them in very hot water.
  4. rinse in a separate basin then drip dry in the rack

Ask @DieGrootHammer what happens when you mess with my systems. . .

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