Circuit Superstars

This little game was suggested to me because I play a lot of Assetto Corsa Competizione! And it looks like a LOT of fun!

The trailer reminds me of the old Micro Machines games, and even a little of that old arcade game with RC cars.

(EDIT: This one!)

Aaaaanyway, this is the Steam link:

Circuit Superstars

Circuit Superstars celebrates generations of multi-disciplinary motorsport, focusing on driving that FEELS great – but with a high skill ceiling that will have you spending hours honing your perfect lap, ready to take on the world!

Starting out is simple – as a top-down racing game should be - but learning the nuances of each car’s handling, and finding the best racing line through each corner of each track will be a challenge for a long time to come. Not only that, but with the option of fuel usage, tire degradation and racing damage, even a good pit stop strategy could make the difference between hero and zero.
As ardent fans of classic top-down racers our goal is to take that core concept, add more depth through tactile vehicle traction – and modernise the whole experience with features like online multiplayer and leaderboards, ghosts, replays, plus regular content drops such as new cars and tracks post-release.


FEEL the tires meet the road
Over 5 years in development, Circuit Superstar’s tactile handling model is our pride and joy that lets you FEEL the tires bite into the asphalt.

Celebrating Motorsport
Races vehicles across multiple motorport disciplines including Rallycross, SuperTrucks, GT racing, Eurotrucks, Open wheel single seaters and many more.

Pit Stop Strategies
Featuring (optional) tire degradation, fuel consumption, and engine wear; Circuit Superstars allows you to dynamically choose your pit stop strategy during the race. Will you try to undercut the opposition, match the “optimal” strat, or go easy on your car and have a long first stint? The choice is yours.

Online Multiplayer
Dive into specially curated online multiplayer races against up to 11 other people from around the globe.

Weekly Time Trials
Every hundredth of a second counts! Challenge your friends and the rest of the world in regularly updated Time Trials events.

Arcade Tournaments
Jump into 6 single player tournaments split between Rally & GP events.

Free Play Mode
Lets you completely configure your own offline single races and tournaments.

The Garage
Customize your cars and driver with liveries, helmets and victory celebrations you unlock as you level up!

Ready Your Engines!
8 Vehicles to choose from, each with their own unique handling models.

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost
Global ghosts let you see how players around the world are tackling each track!

Location Location Location
7 tracks to choose from, with alternate routes available. Reverse races coming very soon!

Race Replays
Replays let you re-watch your races to see your epic overtakes or study your racing lines.

Split Screen Local Multiplayer
Challenge up to three of your mates and skillful AI to single races or create your own tournaments!

Built by Motor racing fans, for Motor Racing Fans
A lifetime of racing experience inspired us to build the racing world of Circuit Superstars, which began in the same childhood home we came back to after every weekend of racing. Our upbringing took place in the racetrack, from 1/8th RC tournaments around the world to karting to WTC among others. We’ve been on the pitlane, the paddock and the racetrack, living and loving the entirety of motorsport.


Ironman! Was lots of fun but very difficult…

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THATS IT!!! Damn, had good times with that.

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This reminds me of

I’ll give it a try some time


So interesting thing, for me anyway, I first took notice of this game when I saw Mini Motor Racing X among the VR games on Steam and was looking for more like it. It actually reminded me of a game I played a long time ago that I couldn’t remember what it was called. Eventually got reddit to help me out, and it turned out the reason I couldn’t find it anywhere was because it was never actually released.


I am giving Gene Rally a try right now!

EDIT: wow, this is hard!!!


I’ve been eyeing this game for a while. I finally decided to buy it and I must say, I’ve been having more fun than I expected. I played through the first 2 championships on Pro difficulty, then bumped it down to a lower difficulty once pitstops got added into the mix.

The handling model is what drew me in and kept me playing. It’s soooo satisfying when you get it right. Easy to learn, very hard to master. Worth it for a R130 and good for at least 5 hours before you’ve seen everything there is to see.


haha great to hear, I’ve had it on my Xbox wishlist for a while too and tempted when it goes on sale (which seems to be never). I believe it has local co-op too which will be good for me and the family.


But do you play with your wheel…?


lol no. If I had that wheel from the Ironman game that never stops turning, maybe :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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