Coffee Lovers Thread

I thought we had a topic already for all the coffee lovers here but it appears there was not. Therefore, behold the official thread for coffee lovers.

I will shamelessly start off the thread with a referral link:

And then we can get to discussing the good stuff.


What is you favourite coffee drink?

Mine is hands down Cortado.

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Flat White is my first choice.


Flat White is what I go for if the place I’m buying from does not do Cortado.

While I add sugar to my instant coffee at home, when I buy a decent coffee which a barista makes I drink it without sugar.


I’ve become quite partial to a proper black americano these days. Espresso is just too strong for my tastes. The quality of milk that most places use or the way they steam or froth it is also a hit or miss, so that’s why I seldom take milk-based coffee drinks.

That said, Woolworths does a mean flat white.

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@FarligOpptreden you are close enough to Welgemoed, go spoil yourself -

They are behind the forum, next to the Welgemoed post office.

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Ricoffe with long life milk and 4 sugars



I just bought some bootleggers for the office.
French pressed. Not bad.

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Jokes aside.

Favourite coffee bars/roasteries to frequent are:
Espresso Lab in Salt River, Cape Town. Professional, technical, friendly vibe, consistent. Absolute pleasure have a shot there.
Rosetta in Woodstock, Cape Town. SA’s previous Barista champion often uses them to roast his beans. They take coffee science to another level. The problem is, I can’t bring out the flavours at home in their coffee, that they do so effortlessly. So this is more of a sit down for me, pick an exotic bean, and marvel at their skills.
Tribe in Woodstock, Cape Town. My relatively cheaply priced daily drinker (Malawi Gold). Though lately, I’ve been switching between this and Häzz, also a nice and easy drinking bean, that’s good in a Bialetti.


You so lucky to be that side, I am officially to lazy to drive that far for coffee :stuck_out_tongue:
But I got lucky with the Alchemy guys just around the corner!

Over lockdown I got a lot of use out of my cappuccino machine. I still have a bag of vanilla coffee beans that I haven’t opened yet… I’m usually too lazy and use instant Jacobs or Dog—berts for my fix. While I will also choose a proper brewed coffee, I’m not a coffee snob, I’m a caffeine addict.

On another note, in high school, I rolled coffee grounds in a rolling paper and tried smoking it.

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What do you guys prefer in terms of instant coffee at home?

I’m partial to Douwe Egberts (any one) myself but that Nescafé Espresso style fine powder is also delicious.

I do have a two cup French press as well, but I don’t use it as often.


The new Nescafe’s are good - I love the one with the green lid and the black lids, then all the Douww Egberts and Jacobs


Can anyone notice the difference between Jacobs and Dogberts? They’re all under the same company also…

I usually just grab whichever of the two is on sale when I start running low. Those Jacobs refill bags with the +50g are usually a pretty good deal when they’re on sale.

I also have two french presses. One is a 12-cup (5.5 mugs) that’s been with my in 3 countries.

Speaking of coffee, I need my 2nd cup.

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I can definitely taste the difference between Jacobs and Douwe Egberts. Or at least I think I can. Haha


I can as well, but they are close enough… Douw Egberts wins tho

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I’m one of the few people that could have managed to get away with getting my wife a nice bean-to-cup machine for a Valentine’s Day gift. She drinks average 8 cups a day, I do 6-7. Both of us like Americano, black as my soul, and sweetened. If that machine ever gives up the ghost, we’ll replace it immediately. We’re both massively addicted to caffeine, and okay with it :smiley:

Since we’re in the middle of nowhere, though, our choices for beans are a bit limited… Recently Pick n Pay has started improving their house brand of beans, so we’ve been enjoying that. House of Coffee has a decent value bag, but sometimes their beans have a little bit of a burnt taste that I dislike.

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As much as I like coffee, I actually quite dislike the coffee connoisseur culture that seems to ooze out of fancy coffee shops. And dont dare order something that is frowned upon… WHY HAVE A CAPPUCCINO ON THE MENU THEN!!!

Anyway, I am also fully aware that most of these dislikes stems from me not really being able to tell the difference between all the coffees.

I have a few favourites though:

  • I have a nespresso machine that I like making cappucinos with, and I like a 50-50 milk coffee ratio. Depending on the pod flavour I will add a single teaspoon of condensed milk

  • Wonderland Coffee in Salt Rock at the LINC Campus, Single White. No sugar needed! Their custom blend is almost sweet enough

  • I also enjoy some instant coffees like Nescafe Gold, but they need 2 spoons of condensed milk :wink:


I order crap-in-my-cino’s when I am unfamiliar with a place or if the place is inconsistent.
Otherwise if I know the barister is proper I go for Americano.

I find a cappuccino is a great litmus test. If that tastes bad, then everything will be bad but you can still get through a kak crapo.

side note life IS actually to short for bad coffee, I have suffered peasant instant for far too long.
Lockdown was frustrating as all hell.

I have one or two coffees a day.


Best coffee I’ve ever had was in Israel at a place called Cafe Aroma. Their specialty coffee, named after the shop, is basically a cappuccino, topped with whipping cream and some powdered cocoa, with a chunk of Belgian chocolate at the bottom for you to stir in.

My family and I grabbed one at every Cafe Aroma we passed from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, to the Sea of Galilee.