[GameClub 21] Myst + The Ascent

So seeing that I offered to take the reigns of GameClub, for how long I don’t know, let’s get it going. It’s been a while and I’m keen.

GameClub is like BookClub but with games. Everyone suggests games and then we vote for which one to play during a specified time period. Everyone plays the game from start to finish, even if they’ve played it before. Sometimes there are awards given out for you to display on your profile when you finish. We use the official MEW Discord to chat or stream while playing. Buy the game if you are able to (If you don’t have it already), play it, join our chats in the evenings, be happy and content with the world. The chats are optional but post your progress, updates or screenshots here.

I am going to stretch the nominations and voting a bit as I started this very early but want it to start on the first of October. The timeline will be as follows:

2021-08-30 - 2021-09-19 (3 weeks) - Nominations
2021-09-20 - 2021-09-24 (5 days) - Voting
2021-09-25 - 2021-09-30 (5 days) - Extra time for voting if split votes happen.
2021-10-01 - 2021-11-30 (2 months) - GameClub 21

Start by nominating up to 3 games that you would like to play. You have to nominate 3 otherwise your nominations won’t count. I’ll collect all the nominations together and all the games with more than 1 nomination will go into a poll for voting.


  1. Mickey Mousecapade
  2. The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle
  3. Goofy’s Fun House

You can change your nominations as much as you want until the 19th of September but I’ll remind everyone as we go.

Current Standings

Game Nominations
Myst (2021) 5
Quake (Enhanced Version) 5
The Ascent 3
Greedfall 2
STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order 2
Agents of Mayhem 1
Control 1
Last Stop 1
Persona 5 Strikers 1
Spiritfarer 1
Star Wars: Squadrons 1
The Falconeer 1
Twelve Minutes 1

Last updated 2021-09-20 10:00



GameClub 21 Voting - Short Game
  • Last Stop - 6 hours
  • Myst - 5 hours
  • Quake - 5.5 hours
  • Star Wars: Squadrons - 9 hours
  • The Falconeer - 9 hours
  • Twelve Minutes - 4.5 hours

0 voters

GameClub 21 Voting - Long Game
  • Agents of Mayhem - 17 hours
  • Control - 11.5 hours
  • Greedfall - 23 hours
  • Persona 5 Strikers - 35.5 hours
  • Spiritfarer - 23.5 hours
  • STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order - 17 hours
  • The Ascent - 11.5 hours

0 voters

Tiebreaker Voting

GameClub 21 Tiebreaker Voting - Long Game
  • Greedfall - 23 hours
  • The Ascent - 11.5 hours

0 voters


I’ll Start.

Times from howlongtobeat.com

  1. Quake (6.5 hours)
  2. Twelve Minutes (4.5 hours)
  3. STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order (17 hours)
  1. Spiritfarer (23.5)
  2. Greedfall (22.5)
  3. The Ascent (11.5)

All on Game Pass

  1. The Ascent
  2. Myst
  3. Quake

All on Game Pass

  1. Myst (2021) (5 - 6 hours)
  2. Last Stop (6 - 7 hours)
  3. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (17 - 21.5 hours)

Currently all on Game Pass, Fallen Order through EA Play

Maybe a double / triple header to make up for some of the lost months? Longer game for the full 2 month period and then two short ones, one in each month?


Hasn’t Fallen Order been played as part of Game Club before?

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It might well have been - the only time I ever tried to complete a Game Club was Mad Max. It might be worth tracking down the past games list and updating it. I’ll have a gander when I get a chance, unless someone else bored gets to it first.

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It was nominated and came close to being the pick of the month, but wasn’t.

  1. Quake (Enhanced Version) - ?? hours. OG is 5.5hrs on Howlongtobeat but the enhanced edition contains a couple of expansions so maybe 10-15hrs
  2. Star Wars: Squadrons (9 hrs)
  3. Greedfall (22.5 hrs)


  1. Myst (GamePass)
  2. Quake 1 (GamePass)
  3. The Ascent (GamePass)

Since I played Twelve Minutes I replaced it…


So far I only have 1, will update if I have more. Apologies if this has been played before but does not look like it?

  1. Control (11½ Hours )

Thanks to everyone who has nominated their games so far. There’s still 2 weeks left for nominations so for anyone still deciding… take your time :slight_smile:

I’ve changed my first nomination seeing that I couldn’t wait and played Agent A, so I’ve replaced it with Quake. Thought it might be fun to play a revamped old school classic.

I’ve updated the list of current nominations so we can see who’s in the top spot/s.


I haven’t nominated yet but so far I think

  1. Myst
    No idea
  1. Agents of Mayhem
  2. Myst
  3. The Falconeer

2 weeks down, 1 to go for nominations for GameClub 21.I’ve updated the current nominations tally in the meantime. If you haven’t nominated anything then you still have some time. For those who have, you can still change your choices.


@Entity - updated my list above


@Entity I changed two of my nominations.


I’ll throw in a vote

  1. Quake
  2. Persona 5 Strikers
  3. Something else I already own :sweat_smile:

All updated and added. Thanks


So nominations are done today. I’ll set up the polls later so if anyone wants to change or add some last minute nominations go for it.

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