Hall of Records - MEW GameClub

Time for a little administrative housekeeping for the GameClub. - Based on the conversation over in the current GameClub 21 topic, I want to put together a record of the past GameClubs so that they’re all in one place.

Here’s what I have found to begin with:

GC # Game Played Start Date Champions
21-L The Ascent October 2021 -
21-S Myst October 2021 @GregRedd
20 Torchlight III February 2021 -
19 Doom Eternal December 2020 @TechThief @1nF4m0u5
18 Hades December 2020 @1nF4m0u5 @FarligOpptreden
17 Far Cry 4 October 2020 -
16 Remnant: From the Ashes September 2020 -
15 The Long Dark June 2020 @Mottamort
14 A Plague Tale: Innocence June 2020 @DarthMol @Mottamort
13 Batman: Arkham Knight June 2020 @Mottamort
12 Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice April 2020 @Entity @1nF4m0u5 @czc @Mottamort @Dragonic @Oltman @SIGSTART
11 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt December 2019 @Solitude @1nF4m0u5 @SIGSTART @crzwaco @murfle @Mottamort @Beo @Wlad @MalicE @Deadlypinecone @czc
10 Black Mesa July 2019 @TechThief @1nF4m0u5 @Mottamort @Viper @SIGSTART
9 Assassin’s Creed: Origins May 2019 @wenzdayz @DieGrootHammer @Wlad @FarligOpptreden
8 Stardew Valley March 2019 @Deadlypinecone @Solitude @czc @Wyvern @murfle @DieGrootHammer @Wlad @Dragonic @Crzwaco
7 Hitman (Season 1) January 2019 @Entity @Solitude @Hiro @DieGrootHammer @Mottamort @Viper
6 Destiny 2 November 2018 @Wyvern @Flex @FarligOpptreden @TechThief @Solitude @mottamort @Talentloos @FarligOpptreden @FriedPet @Dragonic @murfle @DarthMol @czc @Wlad @Kwaai @Sigstart @wenzdayz
5 Mad Max August 2018 @Dragonic @Solitude @Viper @Mottamort @FriedPet @SIGSTART
4 Transistor July 2018 @Blazzok @Glordit @Solitude @Wyvern @murfle @czc @DarthMol @FriedPet
3 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided May 2018 @DieGrootHammer @Pr0fPyr0 @Blazzok @mottamort @Wyvern
2 Max Payne 3 March 2018 @MalicE @Blazzok @mottamort @Solitude @DarthMol
1 Overlord December 2017 @Blazzok @MalicE

For some reason, I can’t find record of the Champions for the more recent events, so am making this post a Wiki so that anyone who wants to can contribute and update it - add yourself if you completed one of the GameClubs and aren’t listed here. Seems only admins can add more names to the already 10+ in this post, so drop your missing completions into a comment below, and one of us will update the table for you.

Will add to this topic as I find more details and info. Want to add in @Sigstart’s GameClub Intermissions, collect the Champions from the latest GameClubs, and add in a post with all the badges.


These are the records I have from before, you the old place when GameClub was something else…

MyGame # Game Genre Year Released Participants Completed DNF % Completed Rank
1 Dark Souls ARPG Dungeon Crawler 2011 16 3 13 19% 10
2 Borderlands 2 ARPG FPS 2012 28 9 19 32% 7
3 Psychonauts Action Platformer 2005 17 8 9 47% 5
4 Grim Dawn ARPG Hack and Slash 2016 19 11 8 58% 4
5 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning ARPG Hack and Slash 2012 26 7 19 27% 9
6 Spec Ops: The Line Third Person Shooter 2012 19 13 6 68% 2
7 Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Third Person ARPG 2014 14 5 9 36% 6
8 Darksiders ARPG Hack and Slash 2010 19 6 13 32% 8
9 Deus Ex: Human Revolution ARPG FPS Stealth 2011 15 9 6 60% 3
10 Rise of the Tomb Raider Action Adventure 2015 12 10 2 83% 1
11 Overlord RPG 2007 16 2 14 13% 11

mmm Can’t edit to add me to the DOOM Eternal list, says I can only mention 10 people, might be a restriction to non mods.

Also don’t know if we are adding them but I checked my badges and I have completed Kingdoms of Amalur and it seems to have been when it was still running on mygaming:

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I’ve added you to the list but I can’t find a badge for Doom Eternal to grant to you.

I’ve also added @crzwaco to the stardew valley list. I remember he played that with us.

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Cool thanks,

Yeah I think there was still some debate about what icon to give the badge if I remember correctly, don’t think it ever got resolved XD

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@GregRedd I completed the Plague: Tale of Innocence gameclub. I can’t edit my name in because of a limit of not mentioning more than 10 users. I thought that shouldn’t be a problem because I’m only adding one @ user but it counts all the mentions in the post that is being edited. I’m guessing Mod privileges are needed to mention more than 10 users


Throwback to the old days. When I wasn’t as social as I am now with alot of you guys.
I remember still taking part in this one, can’t remember what else.



Thinking I could add my name to the one game I actually finished, but no… another disappointment in life.

Also, proof:


Didn’t I create the badges for that, I believe I still have them?

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I finished -
long dark:

Plague Tale: Innocence:

Dark Knight:

Can also only mention 10 users in a post, otherwise i’d add myself :slight_smile:


I can’t remember if I did participate in the Doom one but definitely in the Hades gameclub

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Will check to see if I did take part in the Doom one. Also got a tattoo of the Doom slayer :star_struck:

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Oky definitely completed both Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal in one day :mechanical_arm:

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