[GameClub 15] The Long Dark

Game Club is like a book club for games. We get together and play a game during a set period, from start to finish. You’ll get a badge to proudly display on your forum profile if you finish the game in time and discuss it in the forum.

We also sometimes chat on Discord in the evenings while we play. Buy the game (if you don’t have it already), play it, join our chats in the evenings, be happy and content with the world. The chats are optional, but posting in the forum is not.

Due to exceptional circumstances, I am trying an experiment and running several GameClubs in parallel. Hopefully I don’t cause a rift in the space-time continuum or something.

GameClub 15 is The Long Dark . Unless the Council of MEW (that’s all of you), decree otherwise (by arguing for/against in this topic), this GameClub will run until the end of July 2020.

My reasoning for running so many GameClubs in parallel is that A Plague Tale: Innocence is a relatively short game, and there appears to be minimal overlap between those interested in playing Batman: Arkham Knight and The Long Dark.

Tagging @Solitude, @DieGrootHammer, @MalicE, @Wyvern, @SlinX, @oltman!


Funny enough I might give this a go too. I didn’t initially vote for it but I am intrigued. And it is in my library.

Edit: Don’t add me yet though


This starting today or 1 June?

EDIT: dont worry, dummie here just saw the calendar link at the top…


Woohoo! \o/

Such a fantastic game and look forward to playing it again.


Yay! Thanks @SIGSTART! I will start this one today.


Okay cool think I’ll actually join for this one. Been wanting to finish The Long Dark


Question. Is this now then new GameClub or is it Batman? I’m kinda confused


It’s this and Batman and Plagues Tale. 3 in parallel


Wow, 1st time I’m seeing 3 gameclubs

Might get all 3 games just for fun

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Right, so I finished the first chapter of the game over the weekend. Must say the game is so much different from when last I played it a few years ago. Like I didn’t know there are talking NPC’s in the game, giving you quests?

The rest of the thoughts will be tagged as spoilers for the first chapter:

So after moving through the wilderness after the plane crash, I got to Milton, and I have to say I was a bit disappointed in the pacing of the game. So early on you are given this haven where all resources are plentiful and dangers are easily overcome. I was ready for The Long Dark to be a gritty survival game, like the version of the game I played 3 years ago. I wasn’t expecting the loot-a-thon I had while running around the town.

But then again, I did enjoy the somber story told by the Grey Mother. It was so sad, and definitely caught me off guard. However, with the survival elements rather easy at this point, the game did feel nothing more than an elaborate fetch quest. But then again, with the mechanics of the game, what other kinds of quests can you expect.

Then there is Methuselah. Named after the famous Bible figure that lived more than 900 years and is considered to be the oldest person to live on earth. His character intrigues me. He is obviously placed as a all-knowing supernatural being, able to judge my actions and motivations. I did enjoy him chastising me for killing the convict in the farmhouse. Yes, I did take that option. Fuck that guy to doing all those awful things to the town’s people.

Overall I am really enjoying the game, and the story is a much better affair than previous iterations of the game. On to Chapter 2


I’m not going to read all your spoilers for now. Didn’t get to play as much as I wanted over the weekend. My biggest problem at the moment is not having enough space for everything I want to carry.

Still in Chapter 1 for now.


How much is the game even?


Check incase you have it in humble bundle too.

But it looks like R175 on steam. Wonder when they will have a sale though, I think they should be having on of their big sales soon.


It’s currently on Game Pass. Not sure if it’s both pc and console. I own it on console.


Paused my humble cause monies


Don’t have game pass. Can’t use it fully with my capped net but hopefully in the future


It is on both.

GP for PC:

GP for Console:

It was in the Humble Monthly back in January 2018 - if you were a monthly subscriber way back then, it may be in your keys collection (that was one of the best Humble Monthly’s imo.)

As mentioned, R175 on Steam at the moment:

Irritatingly, according to SteamDB, it was on sale just last week at -75% (R44), the lowest it’s been. :frowning:

Steam Summer Sale is (unconfirmed, but fairly reliable) due to start on 25 June.


Right, chapter two and now we’re getting into the think of things. In my spoiler I complained about the pacing of the game. Well, chapter two changes that and now survival is the name of the game. I still feel overly prepared for the wilderness, but I can see resources are going to become scares from now on.


I finished chapter 1 and am busy with chapter 2. So far the biggest problem is still that I can’t carry around everything that I want to. I think that when I’m finished with all the story chapters I’ll try out the proper survival game.

So far the chapters have been a bit boring. I’m hoping that it will improve soon.


Ive not survived past night 3 in story mode, the story I have to agree hasnt grabbed me. And the fact that I cannot find food is driving me insane