Should the deadline for GameClubs 13--15 be extended?

The previous set of GameClub games officially ran until the end of July. (Look out for a new thread for GameClub 16 nominations in the next few minutes.)

We ran three GameClubs at once over these past three months:

It was a bit of an experiment to run three GameClubs at once, but we didn’t end up discussing whether the deadline should be extended. So I’m asking now: Should we extend the deadlines for GameClubs 13–15?

  • Yes, extend GameClubs 13–15
  • No, don’t extend GameClubs 13–15
  • I don’t mind one way or the other

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I unfortunately won’t be able to get to any of them. So I don’t mind if its extended for everyone else.


Yeah same with me. I unfortunately lost all installed games and don’t feel like downloading them all again.


Since people don’t mind one way or the other, I’m going to extend the current GameClubs to the end of August while we vote on the next GameClub.