[GameClub] Transistor

Welcome to Game Club. The first rule of Game Club is to tell as many people as you can about it… The second rule of Game Club is to tell… you get the idea.

Game Club is like a book club for games. We get together and play a game during a specific time period. From the start to the finish. Sometimes there are awards that gets displayed on your profile. We also chat in the evenings while we play and it’s a lot of fun. Buy it, play it, join our chats in the evenings, be happy and content with the world.

The game we will be playing this round is Transistor. Voting happened here and here.

We will start playing on the 1st of July and will have until the end of August to finish the game. You have to start a new game and play from the beginning to the end in order to get a badge that shows on your profile.

Those who wish to participate can say so now and I will add you to the list. If you voted for the game during the voting phase then you are automagically entered. Everyone’s welcome!

@Wlad, @Pr0fPyr0, @CrONus, @murfle, @crzwaco, @DarthMol, @czc, @Wyvern, @Solitude, @Blazzok, @FriedPet, @SIGSTART, @Glordit, @Beo, @Deadlypinecone

@Blazzok, @Glordit, @Solitude, @Wyvern, @murfle, @czc , @DarthMol , @FriedPet

It’s a nice short game, supposedly very good! And it’s currently on special at Steam:


Can’t wait to play this again!!! Never finished it but loved the look and feel of ir

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I’m in!

I’m glad it’s running until end of August, as July is a bit of a though month.


Good to go…


I’m in. Haven’t decided whether to play on PC or PlayStation yet.


Played it on PS4 it was smooth and switching skills/abilities was really easy.

Also, I am in as well!

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I shall give this a go. Its certainly cheap enough.

Its going to be an interesting blind run as I know almost nothing about this game.

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Started it up and instantly fell in love with the OST again!

Busy downloading now. Will most likely play some today.

EDIT: Played for like 45 minutes. Not bad so far. Soundtrack is great and I like how the skills work.

Made it past the first boss, think I’m going to plug in the XBOX controller to play this, KBM is a bit of a challenge when you need to dodge sometimes.

Okay, downloaded. I had forgotten that it’s not installed.

I think I fought the first boss. I’ll have to remember to use space to do that battle planning thing.

ITs the battle planning thing I suck at! :frowning:

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Aaand done. Took me about 7 hours to finish the game. I’ll definitely have to listen to the soundtrack now.


Sybil is giving me a hard time…:sweat:

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Seems that battle planning system is quite important. I was getting stomped by Sybil without it

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Oh yes definitely. It’s an integral part of the game and you will struggle to beat the game without it.

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Great stuff! It finally won!

I started this way back, but got confused playing it and gave up. Looking forward to giving it another shot.

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I managed to do a bit, not 100% sure how far I got, it takes me loads of time to get the battles right - thank goodness no one can see my fights.

I’m also not the best with the strategic thing. I mess up a lot; probably too impatient. I also tend to suck bad at party based RPG’s like Divinity or Pillars of Eternity, despite loving them. I always play on “story” or “explorer” difficulty.

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