[GameClub] Overlord

Welcome to GameClub. The first rule of GameClub is to tell as many people as you can about it… once we let the world know about this forum. The second rule of GameClub is to tell… you get the idea.

GameClub is like a book club for games. We get together and play a game during a specific time period. From the start to the finish. Sometimes there are awards that gets displayed on your profile. We also chat in the evenings while we play and it’s a lot of fun. Buy it, play it, join our chats in the evenings, be happy and content with the world.

Voting for this first game happened in another world on a different plane of existence. It is said even the great Cthulhu had a say in which game we’d play.

We will start playing on the 1st of December and will have until the end of January to finish the game. You have to start a new game and play from the beginning to the end in order to get a badge that shows on your profile.

Those who wish to participate can say so now and I will add you to the list. If you voted for the game during the voting phase then you are automagically entered. Everyone’s welcome!

There’s no discord link yet. We still have to discuss that one.

@FarligOpptreden, @MalicE, @Solitude, @Talentloos, @Wyvern, @czc, @Blazzok, @Donisia, @mottamort, @DieGrootHammer, @Pr0fPyr0, @DarthMol

@Blazzok, @MalicE

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Sweet. I’ll shop it now

I own it already and will be joining :slight_smile:

Ill join this quest (word limit sucks)

Am I not invited o_0

so ashamed! :cry:

I picked the people who voted for it. :slight_smile: I take it you want to join?

Of course! :stuck_out_tongue:


Good to see you on board.

I’ve got the game on Steam so will get it installed some time this week and join in the fun.

Have always wanted to play this game, just never got around to it. Will see if I can find it cheap somewhere.

Edit : woohoo, I actually already have this in my Steam library. Must have been from a Humble Bundle or something

I haven’t researched this game, I’m going in blind I don’t know what to expect. All I know is that I had it in my steam library.

Then we are in the same boat. Except maybe I have a paddle, as I vaugely recall this game is some sort of cult classic.

Awesome, are you going to join us?

Yup, sign me up. Will be going in totally blind

Sweet, same here. :slight_smile:

it’s a good game. can’t think of anything that is like it

Awesome will hopefully be starting tonight

Well that would be cheating missy.

lol dammit for some reason I keep thinking its dec - wishful thinking

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