[GameClub] Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Welcome to Game Club. The first rule of Game Club is to tell as many people as you can about it… once we let the world know about this forum. The second rule of Game Club is to tell… you get the idea.

Game Club is like a book club for games. We get together and play a game during a specific time period. From the start to the finish. Sometimes there are awards that gets displayed on your profile. We also chat in the evenings while we play and it’s a lot of fun. Buy it, play it, join our chats in the evenings, be happy and content with the world.

The game we will be playing this round is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Voting happened here.

We will start playing on the 1st of May and will have until the end of June to finish the game. You have to start a new game and play from the beginning to the end in order to get a badge that shows on your profile.

Those who wish to participate can say so now and I will add you to the list. If you voted for the game during the voting phase then you are automagically entered. Everyone’s welcome!

@Wyvern, @Beo, @MalicE, @Pr0fPyr0, @DarthMol, @Talentloos, @FarligOpptreden, @Entity, @DieGrootHammer, @Blazzok, @Solitude, @czc, @murfle, @mottamort

@DieGrootHammer, @Pr0fPyr0, @Blazzok, @mottamort, @Wyvern


Been looking for an excuse to play a new game plus playthrough of this. Yay!

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Count me in so long, i kinda forgot it is exam month next month, luckily I just have one paper to write so should be able to finish this.

I am starting to see a trend here hahaha.

First of May it is. I’ll be there :+1:

If I can source the game for less than a quarter K I’ll enter, but for now I’ll just observe the happenings


quarter k? how much is that in $?

sadly g2a is currently the cheapest out there that I’m aware of at just above $3. anywhere else at the moment is $20 and steam was the cheapest historically at around $6

It was in the monthly bundle so theres potential to grab it from some steamgifts.com giveaways or a friendly forum philanthropist?

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Queued it up using the web based PS store. Got a few things showing as Downloading, but I’m assuming its patches maybe? And a low disk space error on something, but I’m positive I moved a bunch of games to external…

Should have it ready by the 1st at any rate.

Count me in!

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Will play from the 23 May after exams.


I’ve got a spare key from last month’s Humble Monthly bundle and I don’t want to do Steam gifts. Can we run a mini comp of sorts with the prize being the game? Limited to this month’s Gameclub participants of course…


Do it! get them to tell you a joke or picture or stand on their heads for 5 hours?


XBox peoples are in luck:

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So, any ideas for a good competition for the key? I already did the “make me laugh” one early in MyG days when I gave out a couple of keys…


I’m usually not very good at those types of comps, so I’m all for throwing names in a hat and let RNG do the job.


Seconded to be honest



One day left before playing. Of course when Deus Ex win, I’m excited to play in the GameClub. I’m just such a sucker for the series.

Quick question, does NG+ count for GameClub, or do I need to start a new game from scratch?

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Nah, it definitely counts. :slight_smile:

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Okay sweet, because I was looking forward to a NG+ run of the game. That first level is just so damn difficult to complete and save the guy. And I want to save him for spoiler reasons.

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