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I’ll play it the moment more titles like Forza 7 and Age of Empiree: Definitive Edition are added to the list. Until then there’s very little that interests me.


I don’t know if this is a deal or not but this is what the blurb says:

Get started now to receive an exclusive free Star Trek Online bundle worth $25 - a Tier 1 Blockade Runner Escort, and a Tier 5 Blockade Runner Escort Retrofit!

This special offer ends June 16th 2018. Sorry, but it’s only available for new Star Trek Online accounts (PC only), when you follow the Get Started link on this page. New item(s) will be applied to your account within 7 working days after first login.


Couple of specials for a couple of Tom Clancy/Ubisoft games over on Fanatical again. Valid for the next 7 days:

The Division is at 80% off. Both Standard and Gold versions, all 3 of the Expansions, the Season Pass, and all the cosmetics DLC are available at the discount price.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is at 67% off. All 3 versions (Standard, Deluxe, Gold) as well as the Season Pass and Ghost War pass are available at the discount.

Keys come as UPlay keys.


That’s a great price for The Division Gold Edition. I payed around R250 for it on Steam during the pre-E3 sale. Seems like Ubisoft is going all out to get people into The Division’s universe in preparation for the sequel launching next year.

I don’t mind, as the wee bit I played was absolutely great. I hope it wins GameClub so I have an excuse to play it.


Borderlands 2 shift codes


Been checking out some Fanatical Bundles lately to compare prices against Steam Sales price, and found this one which may interest some:

Indie Legends Bundle 8

Priced at $3.49, it works out at just under R50 at the moment.
Again, only available for the next 7 days.
The Indie Legends Bundle 8 contains all of the following:

  • Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition * Normal price: R115 (SSS=R57.50) * Very Positive: 86% +STC
  • Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered * Normal price: R109 (SSS=R21.80) * Very Positive: 82% +STC
  • Convoy * Normal price: R159 (SSS=R39.75) * Mostly Positive: 79% +STC
  • Train Valley * Normal price: 79 (SSS=R15.80) * Very Positive: 89% + STC
  • Organ Trail: Complete Edition * Normal price: R110 * Very Positive: 90% +STC
  • Zombie Driver HD Complete Edition * Normal price: R109 (SSS=R31.80) * Very Positive: 83% +STC
  • Action Henk * Normal price: R159 (SSS=R39.75) * Very Positive: 90% +STC
  • Broken Sword Trilogy (Broken Sword, Smoking Mirror & Sleeping Dragon) * Normal price: R109 * Very Positive: 92%, Very Positive: 90% & Mixed: 50%

(SSS = Steam Summer Sale pricing, +STC = includes Steam Trading Cards)


That is worth it for Among the Sleep alone


Another sweet $1.99 / sub R30 Fanatical Bundle out now!


All Stars X Bundle

$1.99 (About R28)
Normal price: $113.90 You save: $111.91 (98%)

All Stars X Bundle contains:

  • Mad Games Tycoon - Normal price: R159, Very Positive @ 90%
  • Deadlight - Normal price: R159, Very Positive @ 80%, +STC
  • 12 is Better Than 6 - Normal price: R109, Very Positive @83%, +STC
  • Skullgirls - Normal price: R109, Overwhelmingly Positive @ 95%, +STC
  • The Way - Normal price: R159, Very Positive @ 88%, +STC
  • Infectonator: Survivors - Normal price: R109, Mixed @ 68%, +STC
  • Wick - Normal price: R65, Very Positive @ 88%, +STC
  • The Uncertain: Ep1 - The Last Quiet Day - Normal price: R159, Very Positive @ 81%, +STC
  • Chroma Squad - Normal price: R159, Overwhelmingly Positive @ 95%, +STC
  • Replica - Normal price: R35, Very Positive @ 87%, +STC

Not sure how long it’ll be available for.


I have a whatsapp group for all kinds of deals. PM for group link.


Actually, its R159pm :slight_smile: Which is insanely good value for money (IMHO)


that is indeed a crazy good bundle!!


too many whatsapp groups on our phones as it is.
Getting spammed with adds would not be good.


Been out for a couple of days and almost missed this one…

Some top quality sports games (especially for motor sports / driving game fans!) in the latest Humble Pay What You Want Tiered Bundle:

Humble Sports Bundle:


  • GRID 2
  • SEGA Bass Fishing
  • Eastside Hockey Manager


  • Motorsport Manager
  • DiRT Rally
  • Super Blood Hockey
  • 75% off Football Manager 2018 Coupon


  • F1™ 2017

I can’t speak for the other games but personally can highly recommend all 4 of those driving games.

The Humble Sports Bundle is available for another 11 days.


I can only see 3 driving games in there :pensive:


Picky! I was including Motorsport Manager in that count, so I guess - technically and pedantically - I should have said I recommend “all 4 of those motor sport games.” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve been called pedantic more often than not. I embrace it.


I noticed some of these games on steamgifts, so I checked out humble bundle, and picked up the 2nd tier. I redeemed the two hockey game (DUH!) and Dirt Rally.


Not a specific gaming deal, but there may be one or two things on the Fanatical Summer Sale that may be a good deal for you:

Wide range of discounts on thousands of games, runs through the next 12 days.

I found the Complete Edition of L.A. Noire for R100 (80% off) for my daughter’s BF for example.

Couple of other goodies I spotted:

On top of the marked discounts, if you add the SUMMER10 coupon code to your order, you’ll get an extra 10% off as well.

Fanatical are also running a competition during the Summer Sale with some decent prizes. You do not have to buy anything on the sale to enter the comp, only requirement is a valid email address that you then must confirm from after entering. I check the T&Cs and don’t see any issues with eligibility for SAfricans. Worth a couple of clicks and follows I guess.

Fanatical Summer Sale Competition
Level up your gaming experience with red hot prizes worth over $2400

  • 1st prize is a complete PC build which includes a GTX 1070 Armor 8G OC graphics card, Samsung 860 EVO 250GB SSD card, 16GB RAM and a slick NZXT H500 white case.
  • 2nd prize is a 12-month subscription to cloud gaming service Shadow alongside a Shadow Box which features 4K support, HDMI and USB 3.0.
  • 3rd prize is a range of top pro gaming accessories to level up your experience when playing your favorite games – including a STREAK keyboard, FLICK2 mouse, FOCUS2 Mousepad and DUEL headset.


Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire for R88


Wow for that game its a freaking steal!