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Is that a key or a physical disc?


And this: @ $15


I have no idea actually. I assume it’s a disc coming from Loot but I may be wrong. I backed Deadfire before it was made so already own the game.


This is an absolute bargain:


If there is still someone out there that do not own Shadow of Mordor:




They must have dropped the base price of the game or something. It used to be around R900 at full price.

Edit: Actually looks like we got a good deal in regional pricing.


I’m waiting for a Steam card to sell so that I can buy it. I’m just short. Reduced the price of the card now. Then I don’t have to use my credit card. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I nearly missed this. That’s a very good price.


Nah it was definitely way more expensive before, I have been keeping an eye on it.


Cross posting Star Wars Battlefront deal for XBox:


Pretty good 4 game Very Positive Bundle over on Fanatical:
$3.49 (About R48.40) You save 96%


And at least three of the games (imo) are worth the less than R50 cost alone!


(Bundle is available for another 2 days 8 hours from time of posting.)

Edit: Just realised I posted this is the wrong thread. Sorry. Was going repost it to Game Bundles and delete this one, but Discourse feels “Body is too similar to what you recently posted”, so it stays here.

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