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Sony has added new games to the January sale. AC Origins, Hitman 2, etc.


Homeworld Remastered Collection is on Star Deal over on Fanatical at the moment. At 85% off, you can pick the collection up for about R75 at the moment (R359 on Steam).



  • Homeworld Remastered Edition
  • Homeworld 2 Remastered Edition
  • Homeworld Remastered Steam Multiplayer
  • Free access to Homeworld Classic and Homeworld 2 Classic
  • Cinematic scenes recreated in beautiful high fidelity by original artists

It’s a 48 hour time and key limited deal with 25% of the keys already gone in the 2 hours that it’s been up, so be sharp.


It’s a great game, but 6 missions in I encountered a bug that didn’t allow me to progress, which kinda put me off it. One day I’ll give it another bash though…


Battlefield V Deluxe R402


Mass effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition 80% off on origin





For those who got The Division in the latest Humble monthly, or those who have it already, you can grab some of DLC for the game at 90% off on Humble right now:


F1 2018 is going for R82.25 (75% off) on Steam until March 18th.

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Limited-time free Steam/Origin/etc. games

Isn’t it just free to play the weekend?


Indeed. It has a free weekend this weekend. I’ll gladly give it a try, as I’ve been tempted numerous times to grab it, but always wanted to try it first.


Destiny 2: Forsaken is 30% off on PC until 2019-03-26T18:00:00Z.

EDIT: Oh hello. You can get it on the Humble Store as well…


Some really solid games for under 10 EU and 5 EU benchmark, check these lists out!

I’m quite sure Eneba offers something for everyone!

Game category - under 5 EU

Game category - under 10 EU

Have a pleasant gaming experience and hope you’ll have a good one!

Cheers! <3


For those who want to catch up on the story before borderlands 3, Borderlands Handsome Jack Collection is R160 on steam

EDIT: Ah i just noticed it does not contain Borderlands 1, did not notice since i already had it.


Anyone wants my vouchers?


No thanks I have the same ones :stuck_out_tongue:


We all do.


shadow of the tomb raider is R263 on CDKeys for Xbox one

#121 is running “Indie Week” — discounts on all manner of indie titles.