GeForce NOW now in South Africa

Got access to GeForce NOW, will be playing some random games in 90min stints on it, to check out how it is.

Tried “The Crew 2” now, and was quite impressed, could see that basically no resources was used on my PC to stream the game, only my GPU that was at a constant 25%, which makes sense since there is still output to my GPU going to my screen.

Unfortunately I cannot link my GamePass account, so I can’t try any really new games from there. I can only link steam, Epic, and Ubisoft, all three that tend to not have any “new” games

EIDT: Just a clarification, although I cannot link my GamePass account as a whole, when I attempt to play a GamePass game, it simply prompts me everytime for my microsoft login details, so I can play GamePass games on Geforce Now.


Right so I have played, and am playing quite a few games on Geforce Now, first the issues:

Some games they state that they support, don’t work at all like Star Wars Squadrons, PayDay 3 at first did not want to go into the game at all, and now when I can actually get into the game, I can’t matchmake so I can’t actually play the game other than the tutorial, unfortunately in payday 3 you have to go through matchmaking first before you can setup the game for solo play. Battlefield 2042 also has issues, where when the server changes maps, or even if I try to exit back to menu, I just get a black screen, and I have to alt-f4 to close Geforce Now.

There have also been an extremely weird graphical issue where colored text, mostly red text, is at a lower resolution than the rest of the text, almost blurry, this is consistent between games:

Darksiders 3

The Crew 2

The positives:
Other than Starfield which I believe is just not optimized very well, I have been able to play all games on 60 FPS on max settings.
My own personal PC barely uses any resources, with my GPU being at 28% usage at its highest, and my browser uses more RAM thank it as well.
No input delay, I can play racing, RTS, RPG, and FPS games without any delay in my inputs, my connection to the rig is apparently 16ms, and to me it just feels like I am playing the games on my own PC.
No need to download anything, I can easily just boot up a game without having to install anything which is great, not only can I play games my own PC cannot handle, I don’t even have to make space on my own HDD to play those games.

Games I played/ am playing:
The Crew 2; Darksiders 3 (finished); Apex Legends; Icarus; Age of Empires IV; Insurgency: Sandstorm; Battlefield 2042.

The rig I am connected to is apparently an RTX 3060.


rain joins with nvidia to introduce geforce now powered by rain
Bringing high-performance cloud gaming to South Africa for the first time.

As part of the partnership rain will bring the NVIDIA GeForce NOW to South Africa to ensure the highest quality gaming experience.

As part of the partnership, rain will bring the NVIDIA GeForce NOW to South Africa, hosted in local rain data centres to ensure the highest quality gaming experience. GeForce NOW is NVIDIA’s premium cloud gaming service, which seamlessly streams PC games from the world’s most powerful GeForce-powered servers in the cloud at ultra-low latency. Members can stream titles they already own from popular digital gaming stores including Steam, Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Connect and more, even on under-powered devices. With GeForce NOW Powered by rain, all you will need is a screen, keyboard and mouse or compatible controllers, and an internet connection to stream the latest games. Watch this space to get your game on with GeForce NOW Powered by rain.

With rain and GeForce NOW all you will need is a screen, compatible controllers and an internet connection to stream the latest games.

That headline should read, “GeForce NOW now in South Africa.”

Now now, just now, later? :stuck_out_tongue:


I see the price plans are not on the website right now, so I though I would post the one that was available when I got access:

Most likely they will change the prices upon full release, because let’s be honest, R3 for an RTX 3060 is a steal XD

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I signed up for beta ages ago but never heard anything back. I just wanna try cyberpunk maxed out.

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Is this a just you problem, or are we not getting Game Pass integration here, do you know?

Hopefully I can explain it well, but basically you can’t link your account as a whole, instead each time you launch a GamePass game, you get prompted for your Microsoft account details, and you simply login and play the game, you can’t however link it the same way you do with Steam, Epic, and Ubisoft:

How it looks in the Geforce Now settings menu:

When I boot a GamePass game:

EA App also works slightly similar, where I cannot link it in the Geforce Now app, but when I opened a game that uses the EA app I was able to login with my details and I set “remember me” on it, which meant that each time It would auto log me in and I could play without much issue, however I removed that “remember me” now, and would rather login myself for now, I may be paranoid, but I would rather not save my login details on the device I am connecting to itself, would rather save it on the app.

Just an example of how it looks when you want to launch a game, it basically gives you the option to choose from the available libraries it can appear on, so you just choose the launcher that you own the game on and launch it.

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You explained it perfectly! Makes much more sense to me now, thanks.

Came to post this exact joke… :smiley:


Great minds think alike…


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Got an interesting call this morning, RAIN called me about the beta program, and actually wanted my feedback on my experience in which I could relay all the details I had posted here, I was also able to ask about the “plans”. The person I spoke to stated that as of right now they do not have any details regarding the implementation of NVIDIA’s “ultimate” plan, but they have had other users also ask for it, so it is something they have put through to NVIDIA.

Now, knowing call centers of south-africa, this could just be a superficial call and none of my feedback may be considered or actually taken to heart, but in the event that it is then this would be great, and I do feel like the fact that they called me instead of sending an email with one of those generic ass survey questionnaire things counts toward Rain for their effort and made me indeed think they will be taking note of my feedback an they might actually do something about it.

Apparently they will be taking feedback like this over the coming days of the beta, and I hope to hear from them again, as well as see the positive changes to Geforce Now


That’s really cool, I wonder if they monitored usage and called those who have been using the service a fair bit.

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Just read the headline here but,

Definitely not all games on gamepass, Dungeons 4 for instance is still not listed as a being playable from XBOX account, the Forza Horizon games are not even listed.


Now apparently they like adding new games every Thursday, so they might still become available in the future, but as of right now, they are not on Geforce Now under the GamePass library


Is the service still under trial/testing in SA at the moment? Been seeing this useful screen on the rain Nvidia page at

Ya it seems to still be in testing. I’ve got into the test as well. Gave Cities Skylines 2 a try but with its performance issues it wasn’t the best test case.

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Slightly sad news, but i hope it gets fully released early 2024:

As long as its not too expensive I will definitely get it.


R200pm for Priority and R400pm for Ultimate


damnit, that ultimate is just slightly too steep, I think if I had like cyberpunk I would pay for it, but as of right now I don’t have any really heavy games to play for that price. Geforce now also had some issues launching certain games, like star was squadrons, and ghost recon wildlands, think I will wait for next year to maybe join, really hoped they would have had a yearly package.

However, now that the priority session lasts 3 hours I might just get that one for now, if it is the same rigs as the beta program, it will be a GTX 3060 which is still very decent.