Grim Dawn (i.e. the REAL Diablo 2 sequel)

Skim through the top and main features. Experience the rest :rofl:
Just remember to sell all HP and MP potions before the patch drops.

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1.2 is finally out in the wild, I think I’ll keep playing with my current char which is a Warder (and maybe a bit of leveling on my old poopy first char the SpellBreaker) over the weekend and then next week start an Oppressor or a Sentinel char.


I decided to give this a bash (for the 3rd time) and I think I’ve finally gotten in to it!

I always wanted a D2 replacement and tried GD before but I wasn’t feeling it. Last weekend I created a new character and damn, this game feels good to play!

I chose Occultist and Veteran difficulty. My main in D2 was the Necro, so this does make sense. I think I deliberately chose other classes in the past to try something new, but sometimes familiar things are good.

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I assume you only have the base version, the Ashes of Malmouth expansion has a Necro class.

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I usually burn myself out, and take a massive break. Break has ended…

I started playing but didn’t have the energy to learn classes and such. Maybe I’ll take some time to learn, it does seem pretty fun

Incredible! What does the GD Necro play like? Occultist already feels quite similar. I’ve got curses, summons and poison spells.

I have not played it actually lol. I’m going to start a half necro(coz GD builds are two classes) this week sometime so will see.

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My most fav GD character is an occultist/necro. PETS!!!

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Killing Loghorrean on normal (veteran or not) is supposed to unlock elite and ultimate difficulty. But only if you haven’t done it yet. Now I need to go and kill that tentacle porn freak with all my old characters, else I’m going to ultimate difficulty, the long ass way. :man_facepalming:

Don’t you have at least one char on Ultimate? Then you can just use a Merit token from the Forgotten Gods DLC Faction?

Nope, highest is lvl 80, but still Elite :man_facepalming:

Oh well. I’ll just have to take the highest one to ultimate, the old fashioned way, then use those tokens for the others.

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