How colour blind are you?



So in keeping with crazy polls of how do you… etc, i thought this was an interesting one:

lets see whose eyes are better at spotting colour(or who has the best monitors to show the different shades of colours)

i got 8 out of 10 on my first try… on my second try i got 10 out of 10


I got a 9. Those pink shades early on got me.

Done on mobile btw.


i got 8. that last one to me was lame. 5 or S, i could see the shape but i basically coin flipped :stuck_out_tongue:


7 for me. I got it bad. Have had deutan colour blindness for ever.

Here’s a more focused (ha) colour blindness test to try if you’d like:

They’ll try sell you a pair of colour correcting glasses at the end, but do at least tell you what you are without having to fill in forms and kak.

Here’s the corresponding explanations:


I got 10 out of 10 first time round, kak pc :smiley:


9 out of 10 Which apparently is 98% better than everyone else.


You scored 6 out of 10


I got 6 out of 10


my vision is normal, yay… was a very interesting read though

i have found though that my eyes are light sensitive though (im night blind, and will almost always where sunglasses outside)


6/10 could not see what was in the last one just guessed


5/10 my vision must suck!


I got 5 out of 10! I do not see different colour and therefor do not discriminate between colours…



Found out my second monitor showed the last one better than my main monitor


7 here on phone screen, the color accuracy of your screen is going to make a difference though


9/10. All those yellows are yellow.


My failing eyesight must be the reason why I find that my coding colours are so bright:



9 out of 10, first try. Office monitor so not great. But I’ve never really had a problem with colour vision.


Coincidentally found this on Reddit today.


I only see in the Microsoft Windows default 16-color palette, no other colors are officially recognized by me


You write JavaScript tests?