Let's Talk About... Climate Change

Since we are quite a tactful, mature and friendly community I feel that we could have some decent and robust discussions about various topics without disintegrating into a flame war. In my first attempt at one of these “Let’s Talk About” topics here’s one of the most honest videos I’ve watched on the whole climate change issue.

If you have the time please give it a watch and post your thoughts here.

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This kind of discussion should be in that politics and religion group, in that it shouldn’t be discussed. :laughing:

Well if we could discuss Covid vaccines in a mature way… :sweat_smile:

What a sad world we live in, where scientific fact, proved through thousand of scientific studies and proven confirmation studies, is something that should be approached with tact. A scientific fact that is categorized the same as religion and politics. How sad that such an important and absolute fact is a topic of debate by people that cannot site a single source outside of social media. It is also why climate change is something that we as a species will never change, and the world is doomed to fail.

The video is a good summarization of climate change and what can be done to change it. But I fear that the fact that currently the human race favours ignoring scientific facts for their “own research” and their “own opinions” that it is 100% impossible that systemic change is possible on this front. Covid showed that people will not listen to science and would rather follow their own incorrect “opinions” that work towards to greater good of humanity. The same is/will happen for climate change.

For short term gains, politicians and business leaders do not have a massive incentive to change policies too drastically to enact real change. The split feeling towards climate change within people means that a half-assed approach which is much less expensive and more profitable is the status-quo. And these groups have no incentive to change the views of individuals to lean more towards that of science as it will directly impact their positions either within their political or economic environment. And so the powers-that-be will make no change.

I guess you can call me a cynic when it comes to climate change. What I’ve seen how people react to Covid means I have 0% confidence in the ability of the human race to fight climate change. All we can do is prepare for the destruction that wide spread changes to the climate will bring; famine, drought, loss of wildlife, floods, new and more deadly diseases etc.


100% agree with you sir, in the end the human population will be unable to stop climate change. Now in my opinion I believe it all falls on greed, unfortunately this world runs on money, i would say 99% of humans are just chasing money, because hey, we need food, we need cool cars, we need to show off to other people, we don’t want to eat less meat, we don’t want to invest in some science to save the world because I would rather use that money to buy another mansion. Obviously I am exaggerating here, but I do believe this is basically what is happening, humans care more about how much money they take to their grave, than the state of the earth they leave behind.

There is a very good documentary on Netflix from Sir David Attenborough, called “A life on our planet” which also shows how we humans, due to overpopulation, is causing our own downfall. And I strongly believe it is indeed overpopulation, the resources on earth are being used very carelessly in some circumstances and is running out at a rapid pace, entire ecosystems are dying and have died.

No on cares about the science, or they simply ignore it and live their life to the fullest before humanity implodes.


Not in a position to watch the video yet (work, urgh). But when it comes to climate change our little family try our best.

We start by recycling as much as we can. Our estate has recycle bins for the usual suspects, and once a month even comes around for tech waste. But then, SKANDAAL!!! The rubbish removal guys have been emptying all the recycling containers into one truck… :roll_eyes:

We try to teach our kids about using things sparingly, closing taps properly, re-using items, etc. We draw the line at getting them to flush the toilet. FLUSH. EVERY. DAMN. TIME. Yellow mellow my butt!

And we as parents try to re-use, share rides, buy green etc. But the overall sense of futility is hard to ignore. We are not making an impact anywhere.

What CAN we actually do? (I feel this is where I should watch the video?)


Yup, it gives a good answer on this whole “do your part thing”


I think this applies here as well:

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That is a GREAT video!

I feel like we are doomed…

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I’m with Hammer on this one. I’m too old, and have lost all patience with much of the idiocy in the world around us at the moment. And I know I shouldn’t, and that @DarthMol is hoping for sensible and civil discourse here. But honestly, life’s way too short and I am done with the pandering and placating and being all “sure I’ll consider your point of view, and do more research”. No more Mr. Nice Guy when it comes to kak like this. (See my recent anti-vaxxer rant for evidence of how gatvol I personally am with things like this at the moment.)

I don’t, I won’t, go out of my way to cause conflict and upset or insult people. That’s definitely not who I am. I’m chill AF under normal circumstances. But if you’re coming at me with “climate change is a hoax” and “global warming is a myth” and “man is not responsible for the damage done” and similar kak, I’m no longer going to be the person I used to be. I’d listen politely, and once you were done with your idiotic ramblings, I’d equally politely tell you that I disagree, attempt to explain the many flaws in your argument, and move on. Now, I won’t even let you start. The moment I know what you’re about to start talking about, I’m done. Either you go away, or I leave. Neither involves me listening to your nonsense.

In terms of is it too late to save the planet? Again going against my glass half full optimistic nature, I fear the Hammer man is more right than wrong here too. There’s just so much that needs to be done, in a very short period of time, to retard and then begin reversing the damage we’ve done to the planet. I think a lot of people are going to try their best to prove me wrong, and I sincerely hope they do. I will support their efforts, make whatever small changes I can along the way, and hope fervently that they succeed. But I’m sceptical.


See you guys already said what I would have said. I’m in the same boat as Mr Red, I just walk away from these convos now.