MEW Driveclub PS4 Racing Club - Season 2



I’m aiming to get a bunch more laps in tonight and get a much better time.



How does one livel? And no, my rightful place is second. I just slipped up the one race last season because I didn’t watch the times after the weekend… :smile:


Teal for me


How long does it take to progress and unlock the stuff needed for the challenges? I’ll only be starting the game for the first time ever tonight, and I want to know do I need to have a marathon session before joining the challenge, or should I be able to unlock it tonight already?


I believe Entity chose a pretty low requirement. But it really doesn’t take long, go do the single player competitions and you level pretty quick. Its also good practice with the different cars.


The Challenge at the moment you should be able to play right away, I really havent played a lot and I could so you will be fine…

@Talentloos you must come join! You dont need to unlock shit to be part of the pack!


Okay this is good news for me. I’ll try and get things going and try to set at least a sighter lap in within the next couple of days.


Your slowly growing to be my nemesis. I will be trying to improve my time again tonight, I was unsuccessful last night.


Did a quick google, Driver Level 7: Audi RS 5 Coupe (Sports) unlock. It doesn’t take long to get to level 7.


Think im only lvl 8 lol




(nothing wrong with some friendly rivalry)




I try and choose low level cars, but sometimes I need to choose the higher ones.

Also, feel free to suggest cars or tracks.


Here’s the final placing for Season 1.

Excuse my terrible graphics. Here’s to a fun Season 2.


I’d be a little close to 3rd if I was wearing my ice skates


I’ll put snow in the next challenge, just for you :stuck_out_tongue:


Right, I’ve played for about an hour now, and I got to at least post a time for this week’s challenge. Yay. Though Driveclub needs some getting used to. This is NOT Forza at all. The driving mechanics is so much more arcade-like, and the breaking, even though I’ve turned the assist all the way off, is like a super power. Its not bad, it’s just nowhere close to what I’m used to in Forza.


Great. Thanks for taking the time to put down a lap time.


Yay. Welcome @DieGrootHammer to the ratrace :tada::grinning:


it just occurred to me that probably noone else has hardcore mode enabled.

My time is much better now