MEW Driveclub PS4 Racing Club - Season 2



Tomorrow night I’m improving my time!


I’m getting nervous with you all :grin: I keep checking the countdown clock :see_no_evil::grin:


I tried last night, I think that’s the best time i can get. I did a bunch of laps last night, and i think it was only couple times that I had one sector better than my best. Don’t think i’ve broken into 53 seconds since setting that lap time.


Why the hell is my time not there now?

And Screw you @DieGrootHammer for bettering mine!!!


Come Slowpoke. Get gud.

I’m still getting used to the game and the driving mechanics. I’m sure I’ll go faster once I get the hang of things.


You’re there, the app just compresses it now that there are 8 of us. You can see the numbers are skipped on the left. I’ll get a rundown from the PS4 each day when I can now.


I’m going to create the next challenge tomorrow morning even though the current one only ends tomorrow night. They are supposed to start in the morning but I was late last week.

I chose India last week to get @Deadlypinecone to be able to join with the PS+ edition, but I need to change it up this round. Sorry pinecone :confused: Hope you understand. India will feature again though :+1:

I’ll try and find the lowest level faster sportier car.


Edit: I see the Mini Cooper Works is a driver level 1 car, so will do that one. We haven’t had it yet even on season 1 and by the end of this week 2 your driver levels should be high enough for us to start hitting the serious machines as the difficulty should start increasing as the weeks continue. :grinning:

Sounds like a plan I think :raised_hands:


Who has the lowest level? Guess it would be helpful for Entity so he has an idea of what he can choose


I’ll look at that next week. We should all be good for the mini for now.
And this week was the boat Audi, we can do the tiny Mini next.


I guess I’ve got the lowest level at this moment. I’ll play more to get a higher level.

Also what assist are you guys running? I see Driveclub doesn’t show that with the times.


So here’s the latest timings

Look who I found :grinning::

And here are my settings


Back to my rightful place at second! :smile:


You’re up man… Managed to better your time by 112ms!


Look again :grin:



Story of my life. Reds everywhere always.


Dammit. If I can only figure out that first corner then I’ll be a happy man. But I’ll take second for now.


He’s coming for us all!


Jokes aside, very well done. Especially for just getting the game.
I’m loving the competitiveness of everyone.


BTW, @Entity, manual is much faster than automatic. Try it. The car has some really strong engine breaking, and you can keep the revs up longer through that difficult castle bit.


I’m done. Bettering Grievous took 20 laps tonight… I’m an auto man myself. :wink: